Greener Soap

Ack!  Sorry I’ve been late with my posts this week.  I’ve been mad crazy busy and haven’t been prepping my posts like I mean to.

But I’m back!  Back with an affordable and eco-friendly tip for all you BJF readers out there.

I’ve been obsessed with Dr. Bronners Castille soap (in the Almond scent) for awhile now.   It is super versatile and smells fantastic.  Almond smell is in my top five smells ever, so I buy pretty much anything I can that uses it.

Dr. Bronners is a wonderful organic soap that can be used for a ton of purposes – the label even lists them all.  It is also a great additive to homemade cleaners.  Homemade housing cleaners are for another post, but today I’ll hint you into a really cool secret.

Homemade Foaming Soap!

Everyone loves foaming soap.  At least they should.  There is nothing funner (yes FUNNER, it’s a word) than pushing that pump to release a dollop of soap pre-foamed and ready to go.   It is also cost effective, especially when homemade because foaming soap pumps use less soap.

To make your own, all you need is your own bottle of Dr. Bronners, because I won’t share mine and a foaming soap pump.  You can find them at a lot of health food stores, and I’ve seen some scents at Target in the beauty aisle.  Not in the cleaner aisle – but by the makeup.

I just bought a Dial soap pump a while ago and used that until it ran out.  So I’ve been waiting to make this stuff for about 6 months now!

Clean out your pump and fill it 1/10th of the way full (guesstimate) with Dr. Bronners.  Fill the rest of the pump with water and replace the cap.  Push the pump a few times to make sure it’s foaming right.

There you are!  Your very own foaming soap.  Mine smells almondy-delicious and I LOVE it!


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