Always Fresh Herbs

Like me, you’re probably pretty intimidated by fresh herbs.  They’re always in the best recipes, and you never have them on hand.  So you buy some at the store, use the small amount for the recipe and end up wasting the rest because it goes bad before you need to use it again.

If this isn’t the main problem facing mankind today, I don’t know what is.  Oil spills and Grecian bankruptcy mean nothing when it comes to wasted herbs!

Oh, you weren’t aware that I exaggerate a lot?  Sorry ’bout that.

So maybe wasted herbs come in at #3 for today’s top news stories.

Do you even bother with those fresh herbs anymore?  Like me, you’ve probably resorted to the dried variety for all your recipe needs.  Let me tell you though, all herbs were not created equally.  Well, I guess they were created equally, but my point is, dried are not as good as fresh.

This weekend, our co-op offering came with a ton of fresh herbs.  Herbs I didn’t want to waste.  So I froze them!

What a great way of preserving those herbs for future use, and for future smelling.

This was what I did.

Separate leaves and give a quick chop.

Put about a tbsp in each section of a cheap old ice cube tray.

Fill with water and freeze.

When completely frozen, remove from trays and store in labelled freezer bags.

These are absolutely fabulous.  I can’t wait to need one of the four varieties I have stored in our freezer.  I’m sure they’ll work just as awesomely as fresh would do.

Now for the all important question – how do you pronounce herbs?

Are you a more laid back, drop the h and just say erbs kinda person?

Or like me, do you think that all letters were important in the creation of the word herbs and thus pronounce it her-bs?

3 thoughts on “Always Fresh Herbs

  1. Well, I’m pretty much NOT laid back, but since I drop the h–maybe I have a wee bit of casual in me! Woohoo

  2. I have always said her-bs but thta is proably from my chior days when every letter had to be stressed 🙂

  3. One of the things I loved when I moved to England was that erbs became herbs. It really put “Erby the Love Bug” back into perspective for me! Now, how do you pronounce “oil”. Is it ol or is it two syllables?

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