#43 It’s Official

We’re finally, really, truly married

Alright, fine, we’ve been married on paper for over a year now.  But part of me didn’t feel truly married until I opened up this sucker on Saturday

Slacking is the only word for it.  Actually procrastination might work better.  I wasn’t really a slacker because I did prepare the album online almost 9 months ago, but never pulled the trigger on buying it.  Making this beauty was such a hard process.  I told myself I would stick to the 20 pages that automatically come with the purchase of the book through MyPublisher.com.  But that was unrealistic.  I mean, those are my wedding photos, the ones I paid big bucks to show off – so I kept adding more pages and more pages.  To the tune of 80 pages.  Yes, I have a problem.

Well, at something like $2 per page over the set fee…that added up.

So I put it off for a long time.  I was so worried that I would push the trigger and end up being upset at my picture placement or something.

I just went for it though, and I’m thrilled.  So very thrilled.

I have to say though, it’s strange to see such large pictures of yourself.

Here are some of my favourite pages. Take note – I stood on a chair to take these photos.  The book is huge.  Well not huge, but it’s way big.

I love him.  He still makes my heart melt.

Notice anything wrong here?

My favourite group shot.  I love that fountain.

Of course I just HAD to include some of these.

We planned our weddings together on The Knot and have been friends ever since.  Some of the most supportive ladies I know.

Thanks for looking!


5 thoughts on “#43 It’s Official

    • Yes, I seriously did. But in my defense, I was just paying attention to the ceremony, and the hubs handed me the wrong hand. Not my fault!

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