Favourite Things

I’ve had an urge to do another one of these posts.  Lately I’ve been loving quite a few *New* things.

#1 The Sookie Stackhouse books

I never thought this would be my thing.  Yet, every night I’m mentally strapped to Sookie and all of her ridiculous shananigans.  These books prove once and for all that vampires + Jaye = Obsession.  Buffy-check.  Angel-check. Interview with a Vampire-check. Twilight-check. Vampire Diaries (only the tv show I watched like five times, but LOVED)-check.  Sookie-check.  

The show, TrueBlood takes on a more sexified, dark feel than the books, which are surprisingly light and fun.  I’m on the fifth book so far and watched the first season of the show.  I like the books better.

#2 Mango

Yes.  The fruit.  I’ve never been partial to mango fruit.  Maybe I’ve had bad ones, but my memory of them is that they taste like dirty socks.  Who wants to eat something that tastes like dirty socks?  I take that back, kind of.  Wildthaiger has an amazing sticky rice/mango dessert that I love and will be attempting to recreate tonight.  Aside from that, I thought mangoes sucked. 

So when they showed up in my co-op basket this week, I was slightly dissappointed, slightly nervous excited.  Afterall, I don’t waste anything.   The hubs and I spent one whole evening trying to figure out how to cut into one.  That was a mess, and resulted in both of us just taking a hunk of mango and sucking it off the pit while pulling bits of the fruit away from the peel.  By the end of it, we had consumed three whole mangoes, and were covered palm to elbow in fruit guts.  Love comes in all forms.

#3 Kelle Hampton

Kelle has a blog that I found awhile ago.  If you’ve never been there, go to her tab for The Birth of Nella Cordelia.  That post alone is so shamelessly honest, so brutally beautiful, that it makes my heart hurt with joy.  Yes, I do love to use weird word combinations. 

Her photography captures the soul of life and her writing pulls at my heartstrings.  An astoundingly passionate woman with a beautiful family.

#4 New Age wine

We loooovvee this stuff.  Last weekend my organization did a wine tasting fundraiser at a local wine cafe.  This stuff was one of the tasting wines.  It is a mix of a Sauvignon Blanc and Malvasia – what a combination!  I was totally that person that kept going up for more, and more, and more…But we did buy some, so I feel justified in my lushness.  It’s so yummy and affordable too!

#5 Dual Flush Toilet

I feel like such a homeowner now that something like this excites me.  About four months ago we got these new toilets in at my office.  They have a dual flush function – 1 button flushes with a lower amount of water (you know, for #1) and the other flushes with a normal amount of water (for #2!).  They’re genius.  Now, I have noticed that sometimes the lower setting doesn’t flush hard enough to take down the seat protector (we must have a bunch of people that don’t check this when they leave the stall, I’ve walked in on this many times).  So maybe that’s a downfall…but I love them regardless.  I’ve never had a problem 🙂

There are conversion kits out there for these suckers, so you can make your standard toilet into a dual flusher.  We aren’t at the stage to replace our toilets yet, so we might go this route for now.  I don’t want to replace the toilets upstairs until we can afford to re-do the bathrooms.  So we’ll see.  But I love these toilets, and really do get excited to use the ones at work!


3 thoughts on “Favourite Things

  1. Sherri posted about the dual flush conversion kit, I believe it was yesterday. Looked easy and super righteous.

  2. Add to Kelle Hampton she has great music taste, I listen to her playlist every day at work.

  3. Sookie Stackhouse books I thought were really great as well! I think the author is going to release the last/final book soon.

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