Smiley Face

This is what I came home to tonight…

The past few weeks have been rough, but coming home to a yummy drink and a card full of encouraging words makes me smile 🙂

Life has been hitting me so hard lately.  In the past few weeks I’ve literally turned my career plans around 180degrees.  It’s scary.  One week I’m thinking I’m going to work for NASA as an Astrophysicist someday and the next I’m spending $3,000 on CPA review courses to prep myself for that “Little Quiz” that this Accountant never planned on taking.  That plus the rest of my not-for-blog problems has left me feeling a little bit raw, and a lot like curling up in a ball to sleep for all of time.

But, I have a husband that knows just when I need a little pick me up, and he always makes me smile.

That’s enough to get me through anything.

That and the coconut that I still shake every few hours to check and make sure it’s still holding all that glorious liquid.


One thought on “Smiley Face

  1. I see a coconut that needs a name–and a safe place in the kitchen for all time–never to meet the same fate as Bobby the Egg.
    After all, there are plenty more coconuts out there, this one is special.

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