Farmers Market #2

I mentioned earlier this week that we checked out a small local farmers market.  We got a few items there, knowing that we were planning to try out the big one downtown on the weekend.  Since our co-op was taking a week off, we really have used this week to venture out.  It’s been super fun!

So this morning, we came home with

Not as much as we would have had through our normal routine, but added with the items we got earlier this week, we have quite a bit.  This load cost us about $18…but the bread was $4 (hubs really wanted it – Herbed Dill, YUM) and two vegan tamales $4 for the pair.  We splurged a little 🙂

The market was really neat though.  Tons of vendors, homemade salsas, fresh herbs, organic honey…  So much to look at, and taste testing too!  We didn’t taste any of the things being handed out, but it was 8:30 in the morning, and it just didn’t feel right to fill up this early in the day.

I really loved being able to support some awesome farmers and picking up random items, like the parsnip that I grabbed when the hubs mentioned he’d never had one.   I learned that he really enjoys swiss chard though, so we got some more of that.  I’m really impressed with how our horizons are expanding with food!

Here is my super cute, giant tomato I found.

Yes, I did purchase him because he had a nipple.   I’m sure it will be the most delicious nipple on the planet.

Wow, I did not just say that.


Some awesome green onions!

Really, how can you pass up those bulbous onions?

Here were those two expensive purchases – but I’m sure they’ll turn out to be worth it.

In one week we’ve been to two local markets, and plans are in the works to see another one next weekend.

Tomorrow I plan to post my recipe for Chickpea Curry, as it was requested via comments – so make sure to check back for that 🙂 EDIT – delayed due to the fact that I ended up not cooking AT ALL this past weekend.  Stay tuned!

I should also mention that this is my 103rd post here at BJF!  It’s crazy to think I’m that far and this blog isn’t even five months old!


6 thoughts on “Farmers Market #2

  1. I agree. Parsnip is a wonderful word 🙂 Can’t wait to introduce them to the huberinos.

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  3. Local farmer markets are a joy to the senses! A potpourri of colors, a sensory overload!
    The crowds add a bit of energy too!
    They are healthy for the body and the soul.
    Savor the flavors!!

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