Impulse Buyer

I almost bought a car this weekend.

Even though we’re not technically shopping for one yet, I secretly window shop online.  I like to have an idea of the market, and what exactly I’ll be looking for.  The plan is to wait until we get back from our Canadian vacation and then start making some vehicle decisions since my husband really wants to get rid of his Saturn.  But on Sunday morning I almost bought a car, like it was a purse, a cheap purse at that since I put a lot of thought into buying expensive purses.

The car was Puuuurrrfect. 

Seriously.  The car of my dreams.  The car I’ve been dreaming of ever since I found out Toyota was making Camry Hybrids, in the colour I’ve drooled over for YEARS, YEARS people.  I laughed with Julie when she was shopping and couldn’t pull herself away from wanting that fruity coloured car.  Even though she wanted to think any colour would work, it just wouldn’t.  I told her she wasn’t alone since I had felt the same way about that very same colour (my Mum even mentioned my stubborness and desire for this coloured car in her speech at our wedding reception).  

Man, does that green pull at my heartstrings.  This car was physically green, energy efficient and decked out like she was going to a President’s ball.  I could almost smell the leather through the monitor and my fingers were itching to play with the built in navigation system.  

Unfortunately, this sucker is more than I wanted to pay.  All day I had my husband telling me to just go buy it already, we had more than enough cash.  In his opinion, we could still afford to buy it outright, and it would make me happy, so he wanted me to have what would make me happy – I love him 🙂  My brother even called the dealer to see what their final numbers were going to be on this beauty – I told him not to bother.  They wouldn’t come down to what we wanted, but he told them that I would walk in with $X in cash if in the future they decided they would take my offer…which really wasn’t THAT much less than they wanted.   So we’ll see what happens.  I’m all about the fate, and the waiting.  I’m patient, when I want to be. 

But I have a good feeling about this car.  Maybe not this specific sale, but that I will end up with what I want, for the price I’m willing to pay, because I’m stubborn and that’s the way I work.

I am definitely not an impulse buyer, so I’m glad I got myself down from car heaven so I could think realistically.  

What kind of items turn you into a crazy impulse shopper?


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