Shipping Company F

Oh, shipping company that begins with the letter F, I hate you.

This is a major vent – beware.

Having worked for the shipping company that begins with the letter U for five years, I always hated the “other guys”.  At the time though, I had no reason to hate Company F, other than the fact that they weren’t Company U and when I play for a team, I play for that team 1000%.  Today I got concrete evidence of why I should hate Company F.

I’ve been waiting all week for a special delivery.  My CPA review materials were set to be delivered yesterday.  Then they changed the date to today.  So I was excited.  I planned out the weekend to study study study so that I could get away with not studying while we were on vaca.  Really, truly, I was looking forward to that big box to arrive.

This morning I started following the tracking number to make sure it was surely out for delivery.

At about 11AM I checked and there was a big SHIPPING ERROR on the website.  Apparently the recipient had moved and the address wasn’t valid.  Uhh hello, I’m here, I’m at the office and this package should be delivered to me!  So I check my address on the shipping confirmation.  I goofed.  I major goofed.  I messed up on one digit of the street address – so they tried to deliver the package about 1/4 mile down the road.  I felt so stupid.  My bad.

But having worked for a shipping company for 5 years, I knew that customer service is usually there for you.  I had spent many hours over my time with Company U on the phone trying to reroute packages, or set up emergency pickups for customers.  Company U more often than not, came through for us.  Sometimes they would page the correct address to the driver, sometimes they would allow the customer to pick up the package at the facility the next day, even if that was a Saturday.  I always felt resolved though, and happy that someone at the other end of the phone was trying to make my customer happy.  I called up Company F today thinking they would try to help me.

I was wrong.

I explained my problem with the person at the end of the phone line, and she was sympathetic and promised me they would get my issue sorted out.  Keep in mind, it was 11AM, so still plenty of day left.  After she inputed the new address she told me my package would be out for delivery on TUESDAY.  That’s FOUR days away.  I asked why not Monday?  Apparently Company F doesn’t deliver ground packages on Monday.  I asked if I could pick it up Saturday at their local facility, or this evening if necessary.  I was told that their policy does not require the drivers to bring back packages to the facility over the weekend.  I asked if they could page the drive the correct address.  I was told that they have no contact with their drivers.  I begged, I demanded.  I HAVE A THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR PACKAGE THAT I NEED – ITS VITAL – AND YOU’RE TELLING ME IT WILL SIT ON A TRUCK, WHO KNOWS WHERE, FOR FOUR DAYS?


I was livid.

Honestly, I’ve never been more mad in my entire life.   EVER!  I have a hot temper, so you can only imagine.

So I called up my Mum, who happens to work for Company U to vent.  She understood my frustration and gave me some very interesting information about Company F that you might not know.

Apparently, the ground delivery drivers of Company F are basically contractors.  They do not work for Company F.  They purchase the delivery routes, and along with it the packages on that route.  So once a package is on their truck, it’s theirs, not Company Fs.  So Company F has covered their butts by doing this.  They no longer are obligated to help the customer because they’ve cut their ties to the drivers, and the drivers are not obligated to Company F to make their customers happy by making extended efforts.  I find this wrong on so many levels, and can’t possibly understand how a huge corporation can run their business like this.

Sure enough, I drove around for 10 minutes trying to find a nearby truck to stop the guy and ask if he had my package.  I was desperate people!  No luck there though.  I’ll be worrying all weekend that my expensive package will be hanging out unprotected all weekend.  Plus, now I can’t study for four days, losing about 3o hours of study time.  Which means, duh duh duh, I’ll be studying on my vacation.


End of the story is, I realize this was my fault, I take full responsibility for this.  What makes me the most mad is that my phone number was on the package, and the package was clearly written to a business address.  The driver could have easily called the phone number and asked “Hey, where are you located?” and I could have told him, literally, two buildings away.  I know it was my fault, and you can bet your bottom dollar I won’t make the same mistake again.  But thanks to Company Fs disturbing business practice and unhelpful customer service, I will not be giving them my business anymore.

To add fire to the flames, I have no idea how the driver is going to be notified of this address change in order to get the package to me on Tuesday.  Since, you know, Company F has NO contact with their drivers.  Lame.

Again, this is my vent, and I realize that others will have differing opinions of their favourite shipping company.

But in my opinion,

Company F,

you suck at life.


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