Photography Fun

My brother and I have been playing professional photographer this weekend.  Here are some of my favourites that we’ve captured the last few days.

Pretty impressive eh?

My sweet little girl

The power of a yawn

Jordan’s version of model Sabby

He was ready for his close up

Playing at the market this morning with Julie

Some round zucchinis

Weird cucumbers that reminded Julie of a certain part of male dolphins…

Inside Julie’s Prius – I swear I’m a photographer at heart

Back at Julie’s – some wine in a barrel – I took this photo without her knowing.  Her and Michael’s house became my playground for a little while today.

Two awesome peeps make a good coaster

Sunny backyard

Back at our house – Jordan caught my princess

and photographed my market finds

Photography rocks!


9 thoughts on “Photography Fun

  1. and could you take some at night (like at a high school football game under lights at a distance) so I can see how well they turn out [jk]

  2. Jaye!

    Every time I see the picture of Michael and Julie, I love it more and more… It’s so perfect for so many reasons. Law of 3rds, the focus and then the fact it says “US” up top.

    It rocks!

    • It’s awesome isn’t it?
      Would it be wrong of me to say that I completely planned it all out…
      When I didn’t?

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