Painters Froggy Friend

I’ve picked up the paint brush again.

This time I’ve made a new friend.  A green friend.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this guy is eco-friendly – but sometimes, even us Planet Huggers have to have a non-EF vice.  He’s green in colour, sticky in texture, and makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.

No, I’m not talking about a frog, lizard or my husband…although he does make me giggle sometimes.

I’m talking about that new fangled invention called FrogTape

I’ve been eyeing this container for quite some time.  When we moved in and painted practically the entire house – we used NO painters tape for our edging.  It sucked, and I learned to have a very fine and steady hand.  That hand is tired though, and having to be super careful makes me exhausted, and makes me HATE painting.  The thought of painting has made me dread it.

It just so happens that this secret project I’m working on entails me painting.again.

So I enlisted this coveted green stuff to help me out.  Everyone raves about it, and for the $8 price tag, it better had be worth it.  It’s just too bad it doesn’t paint the walls for you though…

After anxiously waiting to pull away the tape after the second coat today…this is what I found…

Isn’t that the most beautiful line you’ve ever seen?  Alright, maybe it’s not so perfect, but it’s more perfect than my hand is capable of, and my eyes can’t stop staring at the sharpness it created.  Now I know what true love is.

I swear our house is going to look professionally painted.  Or at least the part I’m painting right now.

The million dollar question though – what am I painting?  Any guesses?

No Shelly, you can’t answer this since you know what I’ve been working on 🙂

If I was rich, I really would pay out a million dollars to the lucky winner of this question – but if you are so lucky to be a super cognitive genius, I’ll send you some super awesome Fay brainwaves your way.  Those are totally worth a million dollars, right?


4 thoughts on “Painters Froggy Friend

  1. You parade rainer on-er! 😛
    I love that frog tape! sososo worth the extra dough-rei-me!
    Looking forward to the ‘big reveal’! I realize the exclamation point should be inside, but I greatly disdain that grammar rule, so I tend to rebel there. I know you were wondering…

    • I just knew you would jump all over this no-prize contest. Phewy.
      Did you use frog tape all over that house of yours?? That would be a heck of a lot of pocket dough!

      • I am a really really messy painter! So one could say that frog tape hopped into my basket more than once–I have a rockin’ paint tapin’ tool–I may have to give it it’s own post 🙂

  2. Frog Tape is the BEST! Way better than the regular blue tape. We used it when painting our house (and perfect when painting stripes). However, Home Depot stopped selling it last I heard. Boo on you HD!

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