#8 Straight From The Farmers

Sometimes I don’t realize that I’ve actually completed a goal.   This time was one of those –

In the last two months I’ve visited not one, not two, but THREE farmers markets.  I had it in me that I needed to get out there to see what local Farmer’s had to offer.  I had a really great time at all the markets, and think we’ll be continuing our adventures to them every now and then.

You really can’t be the amazing tamales that we found – or the humongous green onions – remember those?

So if you’re in the Phoenix valley, go check out your local market!   This link can help you locate your own.  Maybe you’ll even venture out to other sides of the Valley to visit theirs?  That’s what we did!

These are the 3 we visited:

Twilight Farmer’s Market – Glendale AZ.

Not only does this market tailor to the evening hours of the day, which are fabulous shopping times for all us busy workers, but they also play off the other Twilight.  You know, the one that has one of these

and one of these

Personally, I prefer my Twilight hottie clothed, cold and at least a century old.  But I thought I’d draw in those dog lovers too.

Yah.  I said it.

Anyways, back on topic…This market is great to hit up if you’re in the area!  There aren’t very many vendors, but we were able to get a few items that looked super yummy!

Downtown Phoenix Market – Phoenix AZ

This market rocks!  It’s outdoors on Saturdays, but the tents have their air quality covered with some massive fans that make the whole area very comfortable.  The vendors are plenty, and the people are…interesting!

I talked all about this market dive here.

Then just because I’m competitive with myself.  The following week I hit up the

Ahwatukee Farmer’s Market – Phoenix AZ

This one was a Sunday morning.  A bit larger than the Twilight *mmmmEdwardCullenmmm* but smaller than the Downtown.  Maybe just right?  Similar, if not the same vendors, offering yummy samples of pesto, preserves, cheese curds, tamales…everything and anything!

You can check out my first attempt at professional photography with my produce shots here.

So what are you waiting for?  Find your own market (and your own vampire) and get to it!


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