#99 Future Baby Fay Fund

No, there isn’t anything in my uterus right now, but there is a lot in our savings account!

We’ve had our baby fund completed for awhile now, but were waiting to make sure it stayed that way before it was considered completed.

So we’re officially able to say that we have $10K put aside for all future baby expenses.  Even if that’s still way far down the road.  It’s a relief to know that the money is there for when we need it!


7 thoughts on “#99 Future Baby Fay Fund

  1. Awesome!!!!! That is so exciting! Now we shall just wait for the post for Future Baby Fay is on the Way 🙂

  2. Your mom is hee-lair-ee-us! You two are gonna make some cutie bambinos–somedaye. I think you should start spelling ann words that end in y with ‘ye’

    • That would probablye be a good idea Shell!
      I hope they’re cute – even with their freckles and bifocals.

  3. They will be the most be-a-u-ti-ful babies in the universe…..but freckles won’t happen when they’re babies…. they develop a little later. Jordan will remember when your “sparkles” started coming and we could count the new ones every day.

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