There are about a million reasons why I love the agency I work for.  Last week I felt all that love come right back to me.

Every month we have an agency newsletter that gets written up and emailed out to the entire staff.  One of our special committees works on recognizing a special employee every month for the newsletter.  It’s basically an employee of the month deal.

I’ve secretly always wanted to be recognized by the committee.  I know I’m relatively new to the agency (in my 14th month) so I didn’t expect it to happen for a long time, if ever – since there are so many fantastic people here.  But last week when I opened up the newsletter, and scrolled down to page two, this is what I saw…

Holy cow!  I wasn’t expecting it, and was beyond excited to see it!

This small little piece of print made my day.  To top it off I received numerous phone calls and visits from co-workers congratulating me on the honour.  It’s awesome.  Truly, awesome!  I feel so blessed to work with some pretty fantastic people, and to be one of them 🙂

Thanks for letting me gloat – just a smidge!

Now if only my Microsoft paint skills were up to par.


One thought on “Recognized!

  1. That is awesome Jaye, congrats! I completely agree with every word in the newsletter 🙂

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