The Happiest Place On Earth

Screw DisneyWorld, IKEA is my playground!

Ever since I was a little girl I loved IKEA.  I loved all their bright colours, and neat storage containers my parents bought for me (I still have them!).  It was always an adventure to go to IKEA on a weekend retreat.  The big blue store with it’s bright and cheerful yellow sign.  It was like heaven.

Then came our move to Arizona, and the lack of IKEA.

Luckily after a few years, one opened up, and it was a MADHOUSE.  For months, going there was like asking to get trampled to death, shoved to the ground over the last wooden pencil, choked for that last precious swedish meatball.

Years later though, going to IKEA is back to being one of my favourite places to spend a lazy Saturday.

Every few months I take a trip, whether or not we actually need to buy something.   I love walking around, checking out the rooms that never change – but always seem so new and interesting.  Playing with the kids toys.  Coming up with new fabulous ways to pretend we live in a 300sq.ft. apartment instead of a 2,100+sq.ft. house.

So when my Mum asked if I wanted to take a trip over with her, I was all over that.  With our new camera in tow, we headed off on our day trip to NeverNeverLand.

Upon arrival we did something we’ve never done before.

Splurged on the fantastic $1.99 breakfast!  It was so good, and we felt awesome sitting in the cafe with a few other people (we got there 15 minutes after they opened) enjoying our IKEA fuel.

Then it was off to tour the showroom for the six thousandth time.

Our first stop was the couch section, where I showed Mum the couches we plan to get once we finish re-painting.

Yup.  The infamous Ektorp slipcover fabulous sofa.  I know they have mixed reviews, but after all the research I’ve done, we think they will fit our lifestyle and what we want for a sofa.  I love them!  Can’t wait to for the next trip when we get to bring them home!

Then we found this really nifty contraption.

It’s a shallow cabinet, built just for our house.

We have this big wall right by our garage door entrance that is hard to design.  The floor in front of the wall becomes the home to all our shoes as we kick them off from coming in the door.  But with this thingy…

we could hide all those shoes!  Plus have a place to put my purse, our keys, and any other items that find random homes on our kitchen counter.   So, we’ll probably pick up one of these later too.

Then we toured the awesome 268sq.ft. apartment solution that the cool people at IKEA designed.

Really, a whole apartment in 268sq.ft.

This was the floorplan

We decided that it was the coolest apartment ever (even if there wasn’t a lot of storage space).

A bed over the couch

Super cool idea for a single bachelor with very little space.

It may not be American way of living…but it’s sure creative and simplistic.  I feel so wasteful!

Even a beautiful kitchen!  (the bathroom is to the left of the kitchen)

I loved this space just about as much as I love IKEA.

To round out our day of fun shopping, we just had to visit the cafeteria one more time (it was after 1pm!)

Mum’s shrimp sandwich and my Princess cake.  I’m such a princess that I deserve my very own cake.

Let me tell you – that little $1.29 cake was the best cake I’ve ever had.  Better than our wedding cake.  Seriously.  $1.29 was better than our $1K wedding cake…you tell me how that makes sense.

If you don’t head over to IKEA right away to eat one of these cakes, well…I don’t think we can be friends with someone who doesn’t eat green princess cakes.

So readers, do you love IKEA just as much as me?  What’s your happiest place on earth?


9 thoughts on “The Happiest Place On Earth

  1. I thought–did they go to DL?! I lurve me some ikea! I need a trip there in a big bad way (provided I leave el walleto at home)…

    • You should come with us on the couch extravaganza! Swedish meatballs are to be consumed by all.

  2. I had an Ektorp couch….and absolutely hated it! But, what works for some doesn’t for others. Hope you enjoy it when you get it!

    • Yah Sommer, it seems to be such a hit or miss couch. I’ve got my fingers crossed it works for us, the couches we currently have – most people LOVE and I can’t stand them, at all! It’s amazing to me.

  3. I love IKEA, it is such a great way to spend the day. I also love that Ektorp couch, we keep waiting for one to pop up in the as-is section. Let me know if you love it!

    PS- That dresser is amazing!

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