Only 8 and 9 More Sleeps!

When I was a little girl, my friends and I would do a countdown to the next big event by saying how many sleeps it was.  I would get giddy with excitement when I could say “Only two more sleeps!” “ONE more sleep!”  Because sleeps are a much better record keeper of time than days – in my world.

One of the quickest things I learned about being an adult is that this childhood countdown is actually a very realistic way of thinking.  Sleeping is seriously my favourite part of the day.  Maybe it’s the cuddle time with hubby, or the soft “meow” I get from Sabby when he realizes it’s bed time and scoots under the covers.  Maybe it’s the thought that in the back of my head, getting through this additional sleep gets me one count closer to something I’m looking forward to.

A few years ago when waiting for one of my oldest childhood friends to arrive for a visit, I received a text from her…

“Only 7 more sleeps!”

and I smiled, happy that she remembered our little thing.

Today I received a very similar e-mail from my Mum:

“8 more sleeps!”

I bet you feel silly for not counting time in sleeps, eh?

So today I have two big countdowns I’m working on…

Only EIGHT more sleeps until I get to go see

and only NINE more sleeps until I’ll be heading to the home land!

where I get to see the very person who reminded me of that childhood game a few years ago…

E and I have been friends since we were so little it’s almost embarrassing.  But cool at the same time, since we hope that our future children will either be best friends, or soul mates who met because their mommas were cool kids who had sleeps countdowns.

I’m so excited for our vacation!  So excited that I’m not even dreading the plane ride, and am considering flying up again at the end of the year/beginning of next if this flight doesn’t make me curl up in the fetal position and beg for my blankie.


13 thoughts on “Only 8 and 9 More Sleeps!

  1. So my Dad and I alwas say 7 more days and a wake up call! We still tell each other that for things we are looking forward to!

  2. Who are you kidding?! Begging for blankie? I would hope she’ll be tucked up nicely in your carry on! Goodness knows, no blankie, no Sabby and no Lucy would be too much to bear. And I definitely don’t think either of the GK would appreciate being tucked in your carry-on.

  3. Do you remember counting the sleeps before your first trip to Disney World… we started with 24 sleeps; your dad and I figured that would be just the right number for excitement. Every morning we’d mark off another sleep on the calendar. The day before we left, you asked how many more sleeps. I said one. You looked at me and said…. with a very big sigh…. “I am fusrated (no typo….. you were fusrated). This is going to be a berry berry big sleep.” *smile* I hope the next 9 sleeps go swiftly; I know how excited you are!

  4. I can’t wait to see you! I can wait for Eclipse though…
    I still always think of big events as sleeps away. It seems like such a logical way of looking at it.
    You can bring Sabby, not Lucifer.

  5. 9 more sleeps until I might hear satan kitty in the background of a telephone call (jk) but she is funny. Who is the brave one that will share space with her while you and Derek are away.

    • Only 8 sleeps now!
      I think Mum and Jord are sharing the joy of staying with Lucifer…
      Here’s to hoping it goes well…

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