Friendly Freebies

I hate buying furniture.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a hard time making up my mind, spending the money, to just end up hating it after a few months.  Putting money out for furniture in our house is practically begging for disappointment.  That being said, we’ve never had a piece of “donated” furniture that we didn’t love.   This fact also makes me happy because it forces us to re-purpose old things that would just end up being trashed, yet another step towards a decreased environmental footprint!

We have the lovely hand me downs from my family – coffee table in the sitting room, revolving bookcase, sewing table desk for my office… and now we’re adding a whole new category to our freebie furniture.

Friendly Freebies!

Friendly Freebies are lovely, worn, begging for a new life pieces of furniture that aren’t from our families, but from friends.

This week, one of my friends was generous enough to beg us to come pick up a huge dresser from her or she was going to throw it away.  Throw it away?!  No!  So with some transportation help, we were able to lug this giant piece home with us.

We initially planned for this to go up to the guest room that is in dire need of more than a bed and twenty year old kiddie dresser.  But the second it was in the front door, we realized that this is probably a more perfect place.   I’m going to move our little revolving bookcase into the living room so there isn’t too much heavy wood in that one spot.  Eventually (this is a BIG eventually) I’ll be painting the dresser white and arranging for new hardware.

For now though, I’m more than comfortable with sitting on the couch and staring at the future of this beauty.

I’ve already designated one drawer for place-mat storage.  A place-mat drawer!  Now that’s what I’ve always wanted.

What do you like more?  New furniture that you’ve handpicked?  Or older, used, ready for new-life pieces?


3 thoughts on “Friendly Freebies

  1. DH always browses Goodwill stores to look for furniture he can refurbish. He loves making something old and beat up look brand new.

  2. I think we have two pieces in our house that have been purchased at a ‘retail store’ in the last five years. I love people’s junk. I think you should paint it green or eggplant. I’m dying to paint something eggplant.

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