Favourite Things – Trip Edition

Our trip was full of great moments, but this post is full of random honourable mentions… You know, those little things that make a trip awesome, and not just great?

These are in no particular order.

Niagara Falls Epiphany

I’ve seen the Falls before, and if there is something any Niagara Falls viewer can tell you – once you’ve seen the Falls, you’ve seen the Falls.  They don’t change, and with the town being so tourist central, it’s not the most relaxing or fun vacation to take.  Yet, all things considered, it is one everybody should take.  It’s so worth it to see them, and feel their mists.

So this trip to the Falls wasn’t spectacular to me compared to my first viewing.  It was something else entirely.

When we were on the Maid Of The Mist I realized something very special.

With all of the children screaming with delight, and excitement around us.  All of the families taking photos of their kids in their blue water shields.  It suddenly hit me that the next time I would be doing this again, the next day I would be at the Falls, it would be with our own children.  That is something I can clearly say, I will never do again, until we are ready to bring our own family.

For that, it was amazing.  It brought me to reality, and to a place of happiness that our lives – as still and unchanging as they seem on a day to day basis – are moving forward.  And the Falls…the Falls will be there, they’ll be there when our future family is ready for them.

Canadian Hubby

Seeing my Husband absolutely glow in Ottawa was amazing.  It was this secret wish I always had, for him to love my Country.

He looks so Canadian, eh?

Keep your opinions to yourself 😛  It makes me happy to see him enjoying a place as much as he enjoyed Ottawa.


A lot of people have asked me lately “What do Canadians eat?”.

Truthfully, not much differently than Americans.  But there are definitely some things I miss A LOT that you just can’t get down here.

So while we were there we ate a lot of —

Poutine – French fries, gravy and cheesecurds.  Don’t google it, it looks disgusting, but tastes SO good.

Candy – I tried to be careful with not eating a lot of this, but I love me some Smarties (chocolate candy), Crunchie bars, Aero bars, Coffee Crisp.  Yum Yum Yum

Tim Hortons – Iced Caps – enough said

Crush Cream Soda – Here in the States, cream soda is a yucky brown colour.  In Canada, it’s a beautifully bright red – and tastes like a brilliant rainbow.  I love it, a lot.

Seeing Old Friends

Part of seeing where Jaye grew up is meeting the people that were part of my life growing up.  So Hubby and I met up with a bunch of different people, including my childhood babysitter!

Here I am with a group of girls I went to middle school with

Air Canada


Best airline EVER.  For our flights up, we flew AC and down flew Delta (ick).  Air Canada made my first flight in three years very enjoyable.  Each seat had a head rest screen which we could watch On Demand TV, movies, listen to music, play games or watch the planes progress to our destination.

Having that kept me sane during the flights where I usually would have been panicking.

The flight crew was amazing, and pulled a Southwest by singing when we got on the plane.

Plus, their complementary snack item are these chips that are to die for.  I think I would fly them again, just for those.

Tomorrow is the reveal of the Best Trip Moment!  I can’t hardly wait to show it off!  Stay tuned 🙂


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