Best Trip Moment

You can’t imagine how excited I have been for the last few months keeping a really big secret.  But it wasn’t my secret to tell to the world just yet, so I kept my bursting lips tightly sealed.

To help me explain…let me show you what occupied one very special morning of our trip, and took the cake as to the best moment of our trip, and to date a contender for my best moment.ever.

It’s a little blurry 🙂  But I’m sure you can make it out.

This here is Little Baby Peanut.

No, Peanut is not mine.

Baby Peanut happens to take up current residence inside one of my closest friends.

Remember E?

Well, a few months ago I received the incredible news that she was expecting!  Since I heard, I have been up the wall with excitement.  Seriously.  You would have thought I was the one with a trash bin full of Pee Sticks.   In fact, my uterus is begging me for a reason for the Pee Sticks…Really, I hear it crying of emptiness right now.

Anyways, I was beside myself with happiness, and couldn’t wait to get up to see her, and unofficially meet the Peanut.

E found out the week before we headed up, that her husband was being deployed to the Middle East on the first of July.   Not only were my stress levels high because I was worried about E and Peanut, but my heart was aching because we wouldn’t be able to meet her husband before left.

Life is full of surprises though.

Not only was E waiting for us at the airport, but her Hubby too!  He drove with her to Ottawa that night just to meet us, then had to have E drive him back home (2 hours away) so he could catch a bus to base for his flight.   It was awesome though meeting him, he is amazing, and their family is going to be just amazing.

Back to the point of this.

With her Hubby being away, E had her first ultrasound (12 weeks) scheduled and didn’t want to go alone.  It just so happened that it was right in the middle of our trip.  So, with another surprise, she asked if I would mind going with her.

I might have jumped, clapped and squealed right in the airport…

So on Wednesday, we headed to E’s first Peanut viewing.

I was, I am, so honoured, so completely humbled to have been privy to such a special moment.  It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen or experienced.

Nothing in my life so far, compares to seeing E’s face the first moment she saw her Peanut.  The glow, the awe.  In that moment, she became a different person, and I was there for it.

That little piece of life, so small (only 5 cm) was there, tiny, but there.  At first Peanut was still, but as soon as E asked the U/S Tech for some pictures to send to her husband, Peanut started swimming around, making sure we got some fabulous shots to send over to Daddy.

It’s surreal, and so indescribable.

If watching poor E have to leave the dinner table because she could smell every.single.thing on our plates, and throwing up almost everything she ate, wasn’t enough reality that there was a Peanut in there…I know for sure, because I saw it with my very own eyes!

Such a surprise for me to be there, but it means the world to me that I was able to experience it.

Thank you from the bottom of my incredibly humbled heart, E.  I can’t wait to meet Peanut in the flesh!

So, I’m sorry Hubs.  We had an awesome trip, but nothing compares to this 😉  Thanks for understanding!


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