It’s All In The Details

I bought a new book last night

It’s the second book in a series of three (third yet to be released).   I read the first book, Shiver a few months ago and absolutely loved it.

Shiver is about a girl named Grace who was mauled by wolves at a young age and grows up to find out that those wolves were actually shifters – humans during the warm months/wolves in the winter.  One winter she meets the human counterpoint of the wolf that saved her when she was a young girl.   They fall in love (awe!) and the plot surrounds them dealing with the fact that Sam will inevitably turning back to a wolf soon enough.

I tell people that if they liked Twilight then they’ll like these because they are quite similar.  There are certain things that I love about these books more than the vampire romances…

First of all, I think that Maggie Stiefvater is a great writer.  She has a knack for beautiful words, and really making her words jump out at you.  I love that you get multiple viewpoints of the characters.  Reading from Sam’s viewpoint is like reading soft poetry, it’s soothing and eerie.

Second, Maggie and her editors/publishers really paid every attention to detail when creating these books.

The first book has an icy blue cover, with a ghostly wolf hiding in the woods – the second as you see above, is a bright green with a ghostly wolf watching a girl walk into the woods…foreshadowing?  🙂  I do believe it might be.

I love the covers, they are very beautiful to me.

The thing I love most about these though?  You can’t see until you open the cover…

I hope you can see the coolness.

The type is all in that same green as the cover. Throughout the whole book!

Funny thing is, I didn’t realize until opening this one, that the type in Shiver was that icy blue colour.  But it was in fact blue!

I really like that.  Not only is it cool to look at, but it’s surprisingly much easier on the eyes than the harsh black of normal type.

So, if you’re looking for a good summer, quick read, go pick up Shiver. I can’t say much for Linger yet because I only just started it, but so far, I’m loving the writing and the story just as much.


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