Woo Hoo For Co-op

While we were on vacation, we missed out on a co-op basket 😦  Even though we were having a blast, I was worrying about what we were missing in our basket.   Such a girl of simple pleasures, eh?

So my Mum offered to order and pick up our basket last week since we were flying home on Saturday.  I was SO thankful to have our fruits and veggies when we got home.  I never photographed that basket, so I’m sorry for leaving my readers without the awesomeness of Bountiful Baskets for so long.

Buuuut we’re back to normal programing!

Today was a great basket.  I’m definitely noticing that things have been a bit smaller since summer started – it’s way too hot for consistent summer farming here.  Yet, I was pleasantly surprised with our loot today.

Fruits: Two pineapples, two huge mangoes, one bag of grapes, five bananas, six plums, ten limes (we were told they were seedless!) and ten peaches.  Yummoo

Veggies:  One head of lettuce, one bunch white asparagus, three butternut squash, one bag of potatoes, one cauliflower and one container cherry tomatoes!

Looks good for this week, especially since we have some leftover from last weeks basket.

Is that not the most ginormous mango you’ve ever seen?

Am I the only one that thinks white asparagus looks slightly phallic?  Please tell me I’m not…I have no idea what it is about this stuff…


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