Intercepting Inception

Last night called for a family trip to the movie theatre!

We’d all been dying to see Inception for the last month or so…which in my world seemed like forever since it was only about a month ago that I even heard about this movie.

So, with eager but concerned for our guaranteed state-of-confusion minds, we headed out to the IMAX.

I won’t give away any movie secrets, or plot points, but let me just tell you – Inception delivered.  Or maybe it was Chris Nolan who delivered…or Leo??  Nope, most definitely it was the 3rd Rock From The Sun kid.  Ahh crap, did I forget about Juno?   NO WAIT

It was definitely Michael Caine who de.liv.ered.

I think it’s safe to say, there were was way more awesomeness in this film than any other of the year.

Were all those listed things not enough for you to go see it?

Then let me put Inception in a nutshell for you.

Inception is what occurs when:

On a stormy night, The Matrix and Oceans Eleven get really drunk, play strip poker while watching Juno and 3rd Rock From The Sun.  They get a little frisky, one thing let to another, and…before you know it, Inception is born.

All things considered, I think you can agree, Inception is TM and OE on speed, at high speed and potentially on cruise control (you know, for a constant state of high speed?)

The only downfall is the length – something like 2.5 hours (which in my brothers mentality is 60 minutes over optimal movie length) and the nasty migraine I left the theatre with and still have this morning.  But I don’t blame that on the movie, just my brain.


One thought on “Intercepting Inception

  1. Great visuals, great acting, great plot, great acting, great concept, great acting and great “Borg” sound effects, and did I say, great acting.

    I loved it, even though I am not sure some of the “depth” was necessary other than to provide more action… and sometimes just more action is not necessary….. we got the message…. but I loved it.

    I admit to getting lost when I tried to analyze and understand each and every moment at that moment.

    It is definitely the kind of movie… like Shakespeare…. you just have to sit back, relax and go with it…. your brain then gets into the rhythm and freedom of the concept and all is good.

    I agree, it was a great movie.. .maybe NOW I’ll watch Matrix.

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