I hate exercising.

I am so envious of those that love a good run and get high off endorphins.   Because, I just do not get it.  I’ve tried taking classes, going to the gym, in home routines, running outside…nothing works – or at least, nothing gets over my brain block of hating every second.   I love exercising just about as much as I love the idea of a needle prying off my pinkie toe nail.

Here’s the deal though.  I have a bunch of fitness/weight loss goals in my 101 in 1001 list.  These goals aren’t going to get themselves completed without exercising.  Eating well just doesn’t cut it for me.  For the last four months or so, we’ve completely transformed our eating habits, and my clothes fit the same.   Truthfully, that’s all I have to go off of since I don’t weigh myself – ever.  Scales are evil – or at least to someone who has lingering eating disorder mentality – pure evil.  So I’m trying to ignore numbers, and go off of my clothes/measurements.

Anyways, Hubby has been really supportive.  Well, as supportive as a stick person who eats whatever he wants and never gains an ounce, can be.   For the last few weeks we’ve been taking nightly walks, and sometimes I’ll run while he walks (because I run SO slowly).   I’ve been working up my tolerance to the outdoor exercising.   It’s not going as well as I’d like, but it’s going.  I feel unbearably heavy when I run.  Like an elephant is on my shoulders (oh wait, no, that’s just those stupid extra lbs).   I keep telling myself that if I can just get to two miles I’ll start feeling better.  Two miles is my mental hump I think.  So, I work towards it as best as I can.

Hubby suggested we go out to get something for encouragement though – he’s the best!  and I’m glad he did —

I got me some new shoes!  Girls always love new shoes, and especially shoes with pink, yes PINK in them.

Two nights ago, we took my new puppies on their first run.  I made it all the way around our block, and a steady (not slow as a snail) pace…that’s about .60 miles.  I suck.  But, I’m better than I used to be!

I’m making small goals. After my Tuesday night event, I decided that I would make my next goal to get to the next light post past the once around mark.  So, last night, I kept running past that marker.  Hubs was a little surprised as I hadn’t clued him in – but I just told him I was going a bit further.  I aimed for that next light post – then passed it.  Then I aimed for the next one – and passed it.   Finally, I aimed for the third light post away from the original marker – and that’s where I stopped.  I’m not sure exactly how much further it was – I think maybe .25 mile further.  But that’s better than nothing!

Tonight we’re aiming for the next light post, and after that there is a street with NO light posts to go off of.  It’s just a dark street, which means I have to run straight through it to get to the next light post.

YES I am basing my efforts off LIGHT POSTS.  Get over it.  They are all that is keeping me going right now!

I feel like I may, may be getting close to a milestone.  Getting over that hump that is hating exercising.

Wish me luck tonight on hitting the next post!


3 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Yeah Jaye!!!!

    First off – buying new running shoes – big gold star! I ran a 5k in super cheap $15 Walmart shoes – they had no support and I was out for a whole week due to an injury. I wanted to quit right there but I had already registered for an 8k so I had to keep going – new shoes made ALL the difference.

    Second – making it a light post further than you did the day before – even bigger gold star! You’ve seen my blog I’ve run a 20K (12.something miles) I’ll let you in on a secret – I hate running. I love the idea of running when I’m in my pjs on the couch with hubs and pup I think – I feel like running. Then I get dressed and out there .25 miles later and I am walking… boo running. I do enjoy running more when I run with a friend or my sister. They really know how to push me – they’ll say we’ll run to that tree up there then we’ll walk. So we do – and then they’ll say we’ll start running in 3 light posts. And so go our runs. Perhaps a patient running buddy may help, but running one light post further than the last is better than nothing!

  2. Good Luck Jaye!
    Buying new sneakers DEFINITELY helps. I bought myself a brand new pair of fluorescent pink Nike’s while here and it’s made a huge difference!
    Make a really good playlist on your iPod too! It always helps!

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