#40 Vegan Cantaloupe Ice Cream

Soooo right about now you’re looking at this and thinking:

“This chick is crazy, cantaloupe ICE CREAM?  And what the heck is with the vegan?  I’m definitely dissing this crap.”

or maybe you’re in so much awe that you can’t speak.

Nope, probably not – you think I’m crazy.  Admit it.

Let me tell you folks.  This is just about the yummiest thing I’ve ever created, and yes I do realize I say that just about every time I make something.  For real this time though!  If you don’t run out to make this stuff right now, I’ll disown you.

I’m sure you have some questions though, so let me get to it:

Why cantaloupe?  I love melon.  My favourite melon is this most beautiful creamy orange colour.  It reminds me of cold orange dreamsicles,but tastes nothing like them – which is good, because I’m not really a huge fan of orange in general.  It is sweet, sometimes so sweet you would have sworn it was made entirely of sugar, heavenly sugar.   And I can’t spell it without spell check.  CantEloupe is what my handwritten recipe says, but the computer knows me oh-so well and likes to fix my errors for me.

Why vegan?  This one is easy.  I’m lactose intolerant, and milk tastes gross.  So we drink almond milk.  Almond milk just so happens to be a vegan product, and this ice cream does not contain any other animal products.  So naturally, this recipe is vegan. I could have left that part out, but then I imagined some person google searching for vegan cantaloupe ice cream, and being awarded with my post – so I went with it.  Hopefully I help that person out, sometime in the next thousand years.

This ice cream invention is marvelous.  It is so fantastic that I’m thinking it should be for sale in every grocery store.  Heck, it should even be for sale in furniture stores because it’s so delectable that the patrons will be convinced to buy the stores’ products, even if they don’t contain cantaloupe.

On with the recipe!  Adapted from Here.

You’ll need an ice cream maker

For the puree —

1 super ripe cantaloupe

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/4 cup sugar

For the ice cream base —

3 cups almond millk

2/3 cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

Start by chopping up your cantaloupe and pureeing it in whatever useful machine you have.  I used a blender.  Combine the puree in an airtight container with the sugar and lemon juice.  Seal and let chill in the fridge for one hour.

A little bit later, mix the milk/sugar/vanilla from the base.  Once the sugar is completely dissolved, you’ll be attempting the difficult task of draining the puree.  I used a sifter thingy, dumped the puree in there over the bowl of milk and sugar and let it drain until there was hardly any liquid left in the puree.  Put puree back in fridge.  Stir the new concoction.

Start your ice cream maker and pour in the liquid magic.  Depending on the size of your maker, this may be too much, too little, or just enough.  Use some three bears genius to not overflow your machine.  Make sure you have a little bit of room left in the maker for the puree – which will get dumped in later.

Let the machine churn for 25 minutes.

Remove the puree from the fridge again.  This time though, you’re going to drain the melon with the intention of keeping the puree and tossing the juice.  I drained mine over the sink this time.  When all juice was out, I added the puree to the machine and started it up again.

Let it go for another 5 minutes.  Turn off, and prepare the dreaminess for the freezer to chill til serving time.

I found this ice cream to be a little more sorbetesque than creamesque.  It is so good though.  So so so good.


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