#4 Greener Shopping

I’ve wanted to be a mesh produce bag user for a long time.  I was never sure about making them myself though, and was apprehensive about the cost of purchasing them.  That was until I found Love For Earth.  This Etsy seller makes adorable produce bags, at quite a discount.  They come in a plethora of colours, sizes and packages.  So I went ahead and purchased the standard kit that includes 7 bags of various sizes.

They are just great!  I love the variety of sizes that the bags come in, and the little carry bag that they come in is adorable!

I’ve been keeping ours on the handle inside our pantry door so I can grab them when I head out to the store.

Produce never looked so good!

These are a fantastic product, and I highly recommend Love For Earth to anyone looking for produce bags or other greener kitchen items.  LfE also makes fabric zippered sandwich/snack bags.  These are my next purchase I think 🙂

Now for the GRANDE announcement.

I kept a little secret from you guys.

Because I love spreading the green love so much, I didn’t buy just one set of these produce puppies, but two.  I’m not greedy, which means that the extra set will be going out to one special reader.  I’ll be opening up the giveaway on Monday, so stay tuned if you want a chance to test out these bags yourself!


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