In case you weren’t aware, NOM NOMS is a reference to eating.  Specifically eating something delish.

Tonight is a heavy case of the NOM NOMS combined with some amazing sushi.

My family has been waiting for a new sushi bar – Squid Ink to open.  They’ve had to keep pushing back the open date, but finally, finally it opened tonight!

So off we went for some good eats!

The bar is a blend of funky contemporary (clear acrylic chairs) and simple Asian beauty

We started off our meal with some drinks and sweet potato fries

Oh man, were these fries good.  By far, the best SP fries I’ve ever eaten, and I have been known to scrounge long and far for SP fries.  These were the unattainable balance of crispy, but not so crispy they char.  What really made these fries though, was the sauces.  They are accompanied by three sauces: ketchup, a honey jalapeno and spicy hone mustard.  I’m not quite sure which is which, but that dark orange one…that one is the bomb.  Major NOM NOMS here.  I literally wanted to spoon that heaven in to my mouth.  Pure bliss.

Now I need to confess something…

We were so hungry and excited that when our food arrived…I sort of forgot to take photos.  I was SO looking forward to it, but you guys will just have to take my word.  Everything on this plate – before we consumed every last ounce, was amazing…

Here is what I recommend though:  Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go to Squid Ink without trying the Surf and Turf roll.  It was amazing.  Supremely divine.  Even my sushi/fish hating hubby loved it.  I believe it was steak and shrimp, topped with avocado and some onion thingies.  Amazing.  I want to eat  We also had a spicy tuna and Jib roll.  Both were good, but no close second to the Surf and Turf.  I mean it.  Phenomenal.

The boys also had a Buffalo Chicken Roll – which although I didn’t try it (me not so likey the hot sauce) was raved about.  I can only assume this would be the perfect option for non-sushi lovers in your party.

Of course, no sushi meal is complete without your veggies!   Avocado, cucumber and asparagus rolls were also ordered and daintily consumed.  Yum!

Did you forget what I said though???  Surf and Turf!

We’re total gluttons for dessert though, so to celebrate this joyous occasion (the opening of our favourite sushi bar!) we caved for some sweets.

Green tea ice cream.  Divine.

Five spiced Beignets.  Also, divine!

If you are in the area (Peoria, Arizona) I highly suggest you check out Squid Ink.  You will not be disappointed!


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