Vegan For The Win!

I think I’m slowly becoming vegan.  Lately I’ve been trying  a lot of dairy free recipes on top of my pseudo vegetarian status.   The fact is, as much as I love cheese, dairy hurts my stomach, and the side effects are just not worth it anymore.  If I did go completely vegan, there would be one thing other than cheese that I would miss.  That one thing is probably what keeps most people from giving up dairy.

It supplies comfort when us girls have a bad day.  It gives our hips something to talk about.  It never gets old.

You know what I’m talking about, eh?

That’s right.

Ice Cream.

Rich, creamy, icy cold.

Sugary, fat indulgent, a lactose intolerants worse nightmare.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to worry about missing that ice cream in a dairy free world.

I found a recipe.

And you all know that when I find a recipe, it is the MOST amazing thing in the world.  So hold on to your panties, because this one might just top all of my previous amazingness in the kitchen.

Gena over at Choosing Raw hit the nail on the head when she said “This Post Will Change Your Life” in reference to her Banana Soft Serve dish.   This stuff is the stuff of pure genius.  It is what most gourmet chefs would give their oven mitts up for.  The secret though, isn’t much of a secret, and it only requires ONE ingredient.

Frozen bananas.

If you want to make your very own banana soft serve, follow along.

Take a few ripe bananas (or at the ripeness you like, since the soft serve will taste exactly like the banana) peel and chop them into large chunks.  Store overnight in a container in the freezer.

When it comes time to make your creamy dreamy deliciousness, pop those frozen nanners in a food processor and run the machine for about 60 seconds.  If you notice that it isn’t creamifying itself, add a teeny splash of almond milk.  Give it a few more pulses, and this is what you’re amazed little eyeballs will see…

Is that not the most indulgent thing you’ve seen this year?  Folks, that is no-dairy, no added sugar, raw food at it’s best – just bananas (and that splash of almond milk if you need it).   I would be lying if I said I knew this would happen…I spent the last few days researching this stuff to try and debunk it.  There was no way in my mind that this made sense.

But right there, before my eyes, the bananas creamed themselves into pure bliss.

That’s when I tasted it.

Oh boy.

Heaven on a spoon.

It is the most airy yet creamy, sweet yet tart, perfect creation in the entire world (until tomorrow at least).

If this is what clean, raw food is like, pass me the first sign up sheet.  I’m in!


4 thoughts on “Vegan For The Win!

  1. looks yummy – I wasn’t sure about almond milk – so I looked it up. just wanted to make sure it did not contain soy before I commit to trying it. Funny thing is the recipe to make your own almond milk cautions against using bitter almonds with water as the combination releases cyanide! Just an fyi……

    • Almond milk is amazing, and definitely no soy – we try to consume the least amount of soy possible.
      I definitely don’t make mine at home, too much work for me!

  2. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I could never go Vegan, I love me some dairy!!!

    If you havent checked out this restaraunt though, you totally should. Its called Green, its on Scottsdale just a few miles north of the 202

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