A Basket That Delivers

I haven’t posted our co-op bounty for a few weeks.  That doesn’t mean we haven’t been getting them, just that I’ve been too lazy to post about it…and I figure that stuff is getting boring for you all.

This morning hubby went for the pickup because I was stuck in bed with a migraine and relishing in the fact that with clouds out, the bedroom was still dim enough to sleep.  I got up when he came home with the basket and my Saturday caffeine.  We went right to work prepping the food for this week.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t much “cooking” food, as much as there was lots of snacking items.  Which actually works out really well for me, because I’ve missed having carrots to snack on.

That’s a head of celery and two bags of carrots all peeled and chopping (actually, I lie, that is one bag, and I left the other bag in the fridge whole for cooking)

Today brought a huge bunch of bananas and some nectarines to add to our bowl of leftover pluots from last week.

It must be a reminder of summer, or the nearing end of it, because we had two large buckets of blackberries, one of strawberries and a bag of grapes. Yum!

A bunch of big tomatoes to add to the salsa bowl – I love this thing!

Our usual head of romaine, all ready for this weeks salads.

Probably my favourite part of this week, a big bounty of green peppers, and a few bunches of broccoli!

On top of those pictured, we also had a cantaloupe which I’ll save until next week since I just cut up our previous cantaloupe today.

All in all, a great week!


3 thoughts on “A Basket That Delivers

  1. Are you positive they are not plaintans?
    Uncle Bill will take the blackberries : )
    Feel better.

    • We are never sure our bananas aren’t plantains… 😦 We’ll see if they start to ripen!

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