If you’ve seen my house tour, then you know that we have a bundle of barely used, completely un-furnished, un-decorated, un-loved rooms.  They are dying to have some attention.  Well, we can ignore the hubby’s office, it needs attention, but it’s not an emergency or anything.  The big deal is the guest room and the middle room (aka my room, future nursery, second guest room).

Why such a rush?

We have family coming in three short months!  The hubs’ parents and sister are coming down for a visit for turkey day, and they’ve never seen our house.  So, although we’re super excited that they’ll be coming, I’m on a short fuse because I want them to have beautiful serene rooms to sleep (not to mention a bed for little sis to sleep in so she doesn’t have to bunk with her parents)…

I realize that all they need are beds, so my main priority is to prepare for my little sister-in-law by building her very own bed.  A bed that’s not really hers, because it stays here, and she will only use rarely, but still, the point is, I’m building a bed for her to sleep on.  Since I’m building it for her arrival, I’m going to stick with saying it’s hers so that when she hits sixteen (did I mention she’s almost 14?  Ack, kids, growing up…I remember when she was FIVE) and starts acting out (never going to happen) I can use the “I built you a BED, out of wood, using a saw, and nails, with my very own hands!” statement to guiltify her into submission.  Guiltify, it’s a word.  Look it up.

Want to see the bed I’m building?

More on that later, when I actually start working on it.

The real point of this post, is, beds aside, I would really love to have one of the guest rooms pseudo decorated.  My goals would be – painted, with main furniture pieces done.  I’m not worried about artwork and all the little details – although figuring out a nice way of dealing with three different sized windows would be nice…

So I’m enlisted help from all those awesome blog readers/super awesome designers extraordinaire, to give me advice on what you would do with this catastrophic room.

Here are some photos that I just snapped

Look, I almost got all three windows in one picture!  Ridiculous. Whoever designed this room, stinks, metaphorically.

The bedding is supposed to stay.  I wasn’t planning on it, but the hubs really likes it (we do have the matching bedskirt, so the black would go) and is being all frugal-freddy on me.  *love*

More windows.  And hey!  There’s the sunburst mirror.  Did I mention that I think we’d like it to go in this room?  I think it might work.

This nightstand is a blank slate.  We just picked it up second hand for real cheap.  Definitely not keeping it blue, thinking of white, new knobs.  Thoughts?

The other dresser in the first picture will be going, ignore that.  But!  We have one more dresser that will be coming in

It’s this…

Sorry for the small photo.   This dresser is in need of some love.  Some vigorous sanding and refinishing, but it was cheap, and I love that!

So, with that.  Does anyone have some awesome design advice?   I’m surprised that I don’t even know where to start.  I can’t even decide on wall paint colour, what to do with two completely different dressers (well, one is a nightstand), and what is with those windows?!

Help!  I beg you!


6 thoughts on “Design-A-Room

  1. DUDE!!!! i have been wanting to build thta exact bed for like 5 years now…Pottery barn has a very similar bed that I cut out of one of their mags and its in my little inspiration folder. Just never have gotten around to doing it. It looks soooo easy!

  2. I think you should make the long horizontal window a feature piece of artwork, somehow, if you’re keeping the bed on that wall.
    Maybe instead of a headboard there, make a long shelf type item that sits right under the window….. and then design the window so it looks like a piece of art sitting on the shelf …. lovely architectural window coverings, bamboo shade, maybe with a hard fabric covered valence box. Then the long vertical window could be similar but more “windowish”… same fabric, same bamboo shade but as a long curtain to the floor. Then….. the small window, I’d frame out the same width as the 2nd window, same curtain, but I’d put a nice comfy chair in that corner, angled, so that it distracts from the fact that the window is shorter, when the curtain is open. When closed, it won’t matter because the windows will appear identical at that point.

    The other alternative is to just put a shade on the small window and angle one of those tri fold screens in that corner to cover it. The screen could be an nice architectual feature too behind a chair, or a small bookcase, table kinda thing… You can make the window appear the same as the second one from the top, should it peak out above that screen.

    The screen could be handy to have too….

  3. Or, you could frame out the small window with a picture frame idea…perhaps use the designed glass privitizer film stuff and make it look like a piece of framed stained glass. Put a desk under that window or a book case… and surround it with other pictures, so it makes it look like a decor piece,not a third wheel window.

  4. ooooohhhhh fun!
    First, love what you’ve got to work with in the way of furniture. Cannotcannot wait to see the bed!

    Ugh on the windows! I think I’d try to even the smaller one out by buying the same size of shades for both on that wall…I love bamboo shades, though I dunno that they go with my next suggestion–

    Since the rest of your house has a modern feel to it, consider maybe a grey or gray 🙂 scheme–maybe with yellow pops of color? Oh but the bedding is staying–maybe have green be your pop…so then bamboo would work–I love the texture they give to a room–I’m slowly trying to put them all over my house…

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