Midnight Tea Party

As previously mentioned, I’ve been trying to step up my studying a notch or two.

There have been a few snags in my Quilt-O-Studying recently.

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t study well.  Who knows how I got through school with such high marks – because I really can’t study.  I might have ADD or maybe my brain just is so efficient that it can’t sit through a study session because it’s so ahead of the game.

Regardless, the day I brought home my box of magic tricks – aka The Becker CPA Review, Hubby moved a desk into the “little” room so that I had my own studying space.  My room consisted of a little desk, a dismantled bed frame, a bunch of unused pictures and mirrors chilling up against the wall, a box of files, and a tiny light.  Not really the most knowledge inducing room.

I should have forseen a problem from this beginning.

Instead, every night I would head up to my room, turn on my laptop, open my textbook, start a lecture and precisely five minutes in, I would start playing around on the internet.  Before I knew it, I had missed most of the lecture, and even though I could still complete the homework, I wasn’t getting everything I needed out of the material.  I have goals for these exams – goals of 100% marks and passing on the first try.  I’m not going to do that by goofing off during study time.

So I put myself on a new schedule.  Instead of following the set plan of finishing lectures the first days of the week and spending the rest of the week reviewing and doing the homework, I decided to do one lecture and homework set each night of the week.  Then on the weekends I would review the text again and do quizzing.  This went really well Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday was a different story.

I came home yesterday and just couldn’t get in the mood. I finally sat at my computer, did about 12 homework questions and decided to call it quits.  After doing some other stuff – who knows what, since I sort of zone out during my waste-time phase, I went to bed.  It was about 10pm, and Hubs came in to tuck me in (yes he tucks me in when he doesn’t go to bed with me).  Problem: I couldn’t sleep.  I tried, but I started going into panic mode that I wasn’t studying enough.

Another lesson I’m learning here —

I have no problem listening to my body when it tells me it needs something.  I feel restless, I’ll go use up some energy.  Craving protein, I’ll eat some meat.

So why exactly, when I’m laying in bed worrying about not studying enough (when I’m clearly not) did I not realize what this meant?  Not sure about that one, but I didn’t.

I called Hubby in, which is what I do when I can’t sleep.  We chatted for a bit about what was bothering me.  His first suggestion was to put parent controls on my interwebs so he could cut off my access to un-educational websites during study hours.  I felt like a child – but man is he adorable for suggesting it 😉

Then, he suggested that we move my desk into his office so that he could keep an eye on me during study hours.  You know, make sure I’m working, not watching 16 and Pregnant.  I still feel a little like a child, but I have to admit it, it was a good idea.

After our discussion I realized that if I wasn’t going to sleep, I might as well get up and work some more.  GO JAYE!

When I realized this I really felt like jumping up for joy.  I had cracked the code.  I knew what I needed to do to feel better.  So I got out of bed, asked the Hubs to make us some tea (that’s what he does when we’re up late) and I headed off to one last study session in my little office.

This is what he brought up

Not only tea, but the teaPOT and the sugar bowl.

Okay, it’s not really the sugar bowl.  He put the sugar bowl lid on the creamer bowl and put sugar in it.  He’s the cutest husband around, I tell ya!

Boy, do I have a good catch.

In the middle of the night my husband makes us our very own tea party.

It was the best tea party I’ve ever had, and it led me to getting all of Thursdays scheduled lecture and homework completed.

A bad studying day turned out to be a pretty good one – I did my work (in the end), learned a lesson or two, and got an even better plan for future studying.  One that includes re-organizing Hubby’s office so that I can share it.

All in all, an awesome end to a Thursday.


One thought on “Midnight Tea Party

  1. Jaye,

    Damion and I are on completely different work schedules AND I’m a sleepaholic. Sooo when I go to bed, Damion climbs the stairs with me and tucks me in. 🙂 It’s the one time of day where it’s just us with no distractions. I don’t sleep good if he doesn’t tuck me in first.

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