Breakfast For Dinner

Some nights I’m too lazy to make dinner.  So I make breakfast instead.

Our usual Breakfast For Dinner meal consists of pancakes.  Once in a while I’ll make eggs: scrambled, on toast with cheese.  Nothing fancy though.  The most outrageous thing we’ll do is throw some crazy toppings on the pancakes.

Pancakes were the plan for tonight, but instead, this is what we threw together

Definitely not the most photogenic food choice, but filling and totally yummerific!

Scrambled eggs (with water instead of milk to make them super fluffy) and hash-browns topped with cheeseless creamed spinach.  There really is no recipe here, my Mum and I invented the spinach dish as a substitute for sausage gravy over fried potatoes.  We had some last night for dinner, and the leftovers are what made their way on to our eggs tonight.

Maybe next time I make it I’ll take down some measurements for the ingredients – but it went something like this…

Saute one pound of spinach with some garlic and sliced red onion in EVOO/butter.  Add a bit of flour to make a sort of roux.  Then just add however much milk you want to get a good consistency. We went with super thickness, and it was awesome!  Throw in some seasoning, salt, pepper, a pinch of nutmeg, and serve over potatoes (or eggs!)

Mmm my belly is nice and full.  Happy full.

As if our breakfast wasn’t enough tonight – I received a package from Canada today!

A friend found a first edition copy of one of our favourite books (she got me in to them) at a second hand bookstore – and sent it down to me!

I usually say that I hate surprises.  But it’s surprises like this that make my heart glow with happiness.  I know how much I love giving surprise, special gifts like this, and I won’t lie, it’s pretty fantastic to be on the receiving end 🙂

And now, for some photos of our cat Sebastian

Sabby sat there and hammed it up as I took some close ups.  He has some of the prettiest eyes in the world.

I’m still working on getting his sister to like getting her picture taken.  She tends to run away, or get startled from the shutter noises.


8 thoughts on “Breakfast For Dinner

    • especially when she’s growling at me for loving her. “Special” is definitely the word for it. She’s special.

  1. Let me remind you of the wee darling girl who would, when upset, hold on to my shirt with clenched fist or wrapped around my legs, screaming and crying, and making it all but impossible to comfort her. She was, is, and always will be most special…. that IS the word.

  2. I don’t mean to be difficult, but Lucy tugs at my heart… she is her own worst enemy. That little girl needs something and we just don’t understand what. Watch her with her daddy, and she is just darling. Sabby is so easy to love, but Lucy, she’s just Lucy….. and I will tell you, when you’ve earned her purrs, it must feel magificent.

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