Jaye's Favourite Sandwich

Sandwiches are awesome, and so very versatile.   I love them.  Love them so much, that I remember responding once to the question “What’s your favourite food?” with “Sandwiches!”. Seriously.

I also won a sandwich contest once for my peanut butter, banana and honey combo.  Yup, I was famous.  Once.

This sandwich though, this one is my favourite.  I’ve been making it for a few years, with a few alterations here and there.  But, I officially think I’ve cracked the code – my sandwich is perfect.

It’s super yum.  You don’t even realize how good it is until it hits your taste buds.  Every last one of them.

To make your own, grab

A bagel – or sandwich roll – whatever floats your boat. Bread doesn’t work so well though, not enough oomph to hold together this gem.

Toast that bagel, and slather both sides with a veggie cream cheese.  Sometimes we go with chive/onion, sometimes chipotle (that’s amazing), today was garden vegetable.

Add a slice of cheddar cheese to one side.

Top with lettuce, thinly sliced english cucumbers, sliced bell peppers, pickles, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes (if you like them, I don’t), red onion and….the grande finale…


Oh god.

Sooo good.

Really, I wouldn’t steer you astray.  Capers, on a sandwich, with two kinds of cheese, and a mound of vegetables.

Sandwich, will you be my second husband?

PS – I’m so so sorry that I haven’t been around much.  I wish I could tell you that this won’t continue, but that’s unlikely.  My studying schedule doesn’t leave me much room for sleeping or eating, let alone blogging.  The good news though, is that this routine is *cross your fingers, eyes, toes, intestines* hopefully only going to last until November 23rd.  That’s my tentative date for the final part of the CPA exam.  Yup, I’m attempting FOUR, yes all four parts in under three months.  I’m gaining confidence, but also shaking in my socks when I think of the first part coming up in 10 days.  It’s like ripping a band aid off though, I’m trying to get it over with as fast as possible.

The other good news – we do have some projects that we’re working on finishing before Thanksgiving (remember that bed I talked about?) so there will be blog posts.  Just don’t count on my history of getting one up every day or so 😉


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