A Birthday and an Exam

Yesterday was my Birthday.  It was the first (and I hope only) birthday that I spent glued to my desk – studying.

You see, today was my first CPA exam section.

It sucked.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, it royally sucked.

But it’s done, and honestly, it won’t bother me if I failed it.  As long as I don’t continue failing the rest – or the re-try at this one.

I’m a really bad test taker – incredibly bad.  Especially when they are computerized, so you have to stare at a bright monitor in a dim, sterile, noiseless room.  I get nervous.  So nervous that I start to rub the mascara off of my eye lashes.

Yes, I do that.

It’s a nervous tick, and totally annoying.

At least now I know what to expect, and know that the exams are going to be much harder than taking a pretest.   Next time will be better, I hope!

So, the exam was bad, but I have a few awesome things that are keeping me smiling right now 🙂

Even though I wasn’t able to do much to celebrate my Birthday, that didn’t stop me from being completely and utterly spoiled.

My Hubby and Brother went together to get me all hooked up with some exercise accessories – a green iPod (officially burst my Apple cherry!), the little +Nike thing that goes on your shoe to track your running, heart rate monitor and all the arm bands etc.  I can’t wait to get everything set up so that I can hit the pavement in style!

My Mum went with a great theme, and I’m SO happy she did!  A basket full of everything you could possible need to make homemade sushi!  Okay, well minus the fish.  All of the crazy sauces, oils, sushi rice, nori, mats, dishes, chopstick holders.  Seriously, every.thing.   I couldn’t be more excited to have a sushi making extravaganza!

Exam, bad.

But Birthday, the Birthday pretty much made up for it 🙂


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