You've Been Brightened!

Finally, a project finished!

I can hardly believe that we’ve accomplished one of our many unfinished projects.

In the matter of one day, our main living area went from this

to this

What do you think?

It is beautimous to me!  Just watching the room lighten as we covered up that nasty green (okay, it wasn’t nasty, just dark!) made my heart lighten.

So I hope I’ve proven that I really *can* finish a project that was started!

In addition to the new paint, Hubby reinstalled the curtain rods to the top of the wall, and we put in longer curtains.  It was quite the task between the frustrating re-installation (note: Hubs hates curtain rods) and all of the hemming/ironing of the curtains that I did.  In the end though, I think they look better.  Now, if only I had the energy to do the same to the sitting room curtains…

Oh and ONE more thing got some attention this weekend!

You ready for it?

Thanks to a super helpful Madre, we have one coat on the stair banisters!  No more primer!  Thanks Mum!  We just need to remember to not touch them until the next coat and the sealant 🙂

Lots of work for a long weekend, but it taught me a good lesson – if you don’t like your paint colour – FIX it!  Seriously!  I went almost a year hating it, hating our downstairs, and now I’m completely in love.  I’m considering moving the bed down here so I can spend 24/7 enjoying it!

I’ve determined that the new paint is magical.  You all know I’ve been feeling blue lately.  Just down in the gutter…  Well, along with saying goodbye to the green – all of my worries, my bad moods, my sad days, my I-can’ts…they all filtered away.  There is no explanation for it, but new paint makes ME feel brand new.

It appears that me and the brightened room have something in common – we’ve been renewed!  I’m feeling much better as of late, and so happy that my mojo is back where it belongs.


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