What's In A Name?

I have a secret hobby.

It’s called – Obsessing Over Baby Names.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with baby names.  There are oodles of scrap pieces of paper, post its, Word files, receipts that have been used as a future memory bank of names I liked.

Over the years some have come and gone, like my middle school favourites – Tatum and Teagan.   When I was 12, I just knew that my future little girl would be named after a specific Scream vixen who had an unfortunate accident with a garage door.  Alas, I’m over that one.

A few have stayed strong through the hurricanes of indecision, and a lot of new (and maybe a little strange) names have joined the crowded club.

Names have often be a topic of conversation between the Hubs and I.  It’s nice lighthearted conversation that doesn’t involve either of us spewing number word vomit all over the place – and in our house, number word vomit is pretty much the main basis of conversation.

Of course, when you have weird careers/hobbies like we do in our house – a guitar playing, chemistry loving statistician and an astronomy gazing, mix-matched sock wearing accountant, you’re pretty much guaranteed to like some very interesting names.  Rarely, if ever, have we found names we liked in baby name listings.

Hopefully this backstory on my obsession explains why last weekend you could find me sitting on the floor in the back corner of Borders with my Mum, reading baby name books.  (and NO, I’m not pregnant!)  When boredom persists, and headaches linger, a bookstore + coffee + lots-o-giggles is the way to go.

There were some interesting finds in those baby name books.  One of the first pages I landed on though, held this little beauty —

So here we have a list of suggestions for Brunette babies.  I find this interesting because #1 Who spends hours compiling a list of hair colour associated names? #2 There was not a list for Blonde, Red or Black hair…

But there, on the girls side, second name down, we have a teeny little problem.  Auburn.  Hmm, okay, yes I wouldn’t be surprised if I met a brunette girl named Auburn.  Auburn is in fact a colour combination of brown and red…but would I consider that a name for the brunette list?  Probably not.

In addition to being schooled on naming your brunette child, we also found out that Abiba means – Child Born After Grandmother Died, interesting…Future grandmothers – beware of your children naming their little girl Abiba!  We also noted that it is truly amazing how you can add an A to the end of almost any masculine name to get a feminine version – Edwarda gave me some giggles – any Twilight lovers out there who want to pay tribute to their favourite vampire?  I found it intriguing how Blanchefleur (french words for White and Flower) was found in two different books, under two different origins.  Also, I searched high and low for Violetfleur (Purple Flower) and could not find it – what’s with the anti-love for different coloured french flowers?

Baby name researching led to a fun filled afternoon – and led to finding out the meanings to our top two baby names – I was extremely surprised to find our girl name in the books (unfortunately it was under Boy names, but come on, I was given a boy name!) and our boy name on a website (even if I could only find it on ONE website).

Girl name means – Good Friend

Boy name means – Extremely Rare

We thought those were pretty neat!

Does anyone else obsess over these things like me?  Any names that you absolutely LOVED when you were younger, and hate now?  Do you want to name your child Blanchefleur?


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