She's Got It!

By George, I think she’s (finally!) got it!

A while back I mentioned my obsession with becoming a runner.

My whole life I’ve struggled with exercising.  Nothing was ever fun enough to actually continue doing.

I was the world’s worst soccer player – but maybe I can blame that on the fact that I was on the opposing team from the kids I went to school with.  Which led me to practically handing the ball over to an opposing team-mate because she was my friend…

There was a short time when I was a successful volleyball player.  Or, rather, I thought I was a good volleyball player…In reality, I was a bad one (ball fear) but the team was in need of players.  At least I won a medal, eh?

Even my previous running experiences were fails!  In middle school, during the Terry Fox (Canadian runner dude) runs every year, I would only run when I was in viewing distance from the teacher’s posts, or when passing a boy I wanted to impress.  Yah, I admit it.  I was the girl sprinting around the track passing the grassy areas where the guys would hang out while the girls took our turn.  It may have worked out better in my favour if the guys couldn’t see me on the other side of the track when I was huffing and puffing from my uncoordinated show-offery.

So, you can understand how I got here.  To a time in my life where I desperately need to find some form of exercise that does me good.

Most people would let the exercise find them – naturally.

Nope, I chose it.

Just like any other good choice I’ve made in my life.

Over the last few months, I’ve done great, given up, forced myself to keep going, taken breaks, hurt my knees, taken extended breaks, and then finally – learned to pound it out, on the pavement.

I’ve officially completed two, two+ mile runs.  Two miles was my goal.  I promised myself that if I could do two miles, I could do it all.  Two miles was my hump.  I did it!  Okay, so it’s really two, two mile runs… But the + makes me feel like I’m on the other side of a hill.  The truth is, I’ve gotten to that two mile point, and I’ve felt like I could keep going, which is what I mean with the +.  I’m at the point where I can keep going, and I know I will.  I’m taking it slow though.

Those runs have been amazing.  I owe it all to the awesome birthday gifts from Brother and Hubby – my iPod Nike+ gear.  Seriously.  Having a robot voice tell me “Halfway point” is really the thing that keeps me going.  I’m able to pace myself, and not die halfway through a run.  I’m now ending my runs feeling powerful, strong, and fabulous!

Actually, I ended this run smiling and laughing.  At myself.  I wanted to end it strong and fast, so I gave myself a good dose of laughter.  It pumped me up, and worked, miraculously.

So there you go, I’ve done it!

Not sure exactly where that puts me.  I’d like to say I’m a runner.  I feel like one. That high that keeps distance runners going, I’m pretty sure I’m feeling it.  I can’t wait to hit 3 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles, 20 miles.  It might be years before I truly run some awesome distances, but for now, I’m on my way.

In other miraculous news – I passed the first section of the CPA exam!  Woohoo!  That my friends, felt like a marathon, and I’ve got three more of those to go before I finish it.  Again, I’m not there yet, but I’m truly on my way.

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