Foot Meet Mouth

I’m a nag.

Sometimes, I get overly nagging, and I’m sure I royally annoy my Husband.  Actually, I KNOW I annoy him.   So, I try to be better about nagging. 

Last night, I came home, and the first thing I noticed were crums around the toaster.  Now, I haven’t been eating toast, and I know the Hubs has been.  Even though I should have done some breathing exercises, and calmed myself down, I blew up.  Over toast crums. 

I went on and on about how he should tidy up after himself (which he is actually pretty good about – go Hubs!).  He proceeded to tell me to stop treating him like a five year old, and that he would make a better effort.  I got all up on my high horse over him saying that, and replied that adults in our house clean up after themselves, but five year olds don’t…put two and two together…

Two minutes later, he comes down the stairs, calling my name in a sing song voice.

Carrying my bowl from breakfast, that I had left upstairs on my desk.  Leftover smooshed Raisin Bran still chilling out at the bottom of the bowl.

Hubs: “Jaaayyyeee… Do adults in this house leave their cereal bowls upstairs with little bits of Raisin Bran still in them from breakfast?” 

I couldn’t hold back my laughter. 

Maybe next time I feel a nag comming on, I should check to see where my cereal bowl is first. 

At least he has a sense of humour!


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