11.5 Weeks Pregnant

Apparently my belly is uber popular right now 🙂  So, here my friends, is the first belly picture, at 11.5 weeks pregnant.  My uterus is still way low in my pelvis, like WAY low people.  Yet, I know it’s making it’s increasing size known as I’ve grown about 1.5 inches on my waist already.   I don’t consider this growth so much bloat, as organ relocation, as my belly is almost always rock solid, and doesn’t change in size throughout the day like it did early on.  I also can not suck in the lower pudge anymore.  It’s permanent!

So far, none of my pre-pregnancy pants fit without the help of a Bella Band.  I’ve only splurged on one maternity item though; a pair of yoga pants that are OH SO comfy.  I wish I could live in them 24/7.  With how much growth is going on though, I’m positive I’ll be shopping for a new wardrobe within the next week or two.

I wish I could say that I’m loving being pregnant.  I’m sure I’ll start to enjoy it more in the next month or so, but right now, it just plain sucks ( oh, but Baby Bugger, I do love you, so so so much!)  My main complaint (besides the horrible sleep, never ending eating, sluggishness and CONSTIPATION) is the horrible rash I’ve developed.  We have no idea what it is, but my limbs appear to be covered in nasty, ridiculously itchy bug bites.  No bugs have been found, even though we’ve strip searched the bed, couches and the total house.  Three doctors had no idea what the cause could be.  Finally, I was sent to a Dermatologist who ordered skin biopsies.  Still waiting for the results, but you can see my two battle wounds on my upper arm in the picture above.  I go in tomorrow to have my stitches removed, and to hear my diagnosis.  It is probably though, that I’m just allergic to pregnancy, and will continue to look diseased throughout the next 6 months.

This week has been a big week so far.  First of all, my food aversions are subsiding a bit.  Until now I’ve been 100% against eaten anything that looked like a vegetable.  I’m starting to think salads sound good though.  Still no desire for cooked veggies, but raw salad sounds appetizing.  Super duper plus!  Also, we ordered an at home doppler to try and hear the baby’s heartbeat.  We were able to find the little sucker, beating a way!  It’s so amazing, I love that I’ll be able to pull it out every once in a while to listen for a moment or two 🙂

My NT scan is this coming Friday, so we’ll be seeing the Bugger again, and this time, we’re sure to see something resembling a real human BABY!  I can’t wait.  Nervous, but I’m so excited to see the Bugger again.  Next week I go in for my 13 week appt, and hopefully then I’ll be able to schedule my anatomy scan!


5 thoughts on “11.5 Weeks Pregnant

    • Aww thanks, Patty! I’m hoping the growing keeps up so I can start feeling more pregnant and less like I just ate a pack of donuts!

  1. Oh my goodness Jaye you look adorable! Even with the rash you look beautiful. =) Thank you for sharing a belly pic.

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