The BA Tree

Our Christmas tree goes by the name of – Big Ass Tree.

Last year we had a little tree, but this year – and for hopefully many years to come – we have the BIG tree!

Of course, there is a story behind this one.

When my family first moved to the States over 10 years ago, my Dad and I decided to move from fresh trees to an artificial.  It just made more sense with being in Arizona.   So we went shopping, having no idea what we were looking for, besides a big artificial tree.  Colour us shocked when the very first tree we laid eyes on was called “Ottawa Pine”.   “Hello Fate, nice to see you”  If you don’t recall – I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada.  Of course, we bought the tree, and ever since that day, it’s been my most favourite tree.

Every year, Dad and I would put it up together.  It was a painstaking process at first.  Every single branch has to be fluffed and attached individually, none of that sectional stuff here.  In efforts to make the BA Tree easier to decorate, Dad would do things like cut the beads to the perfect dimensions for each row.  They would go in individual labeled baggies so that each year, we knew exactly where that strand went.  Foolproof decorating bliss.  That was my father for you.   I loved every second of putting that tree up, year after year.

Anyways.  After he passed away, the tree stayed with my stepmother.  Until last year.  The BA Tree made it’s way right back where it belonged, finally.  With one of it’s original finders.

The tree doesn’t really fit in our house though.  It’s huge, it’s built for vaulted ceilings and wide open spaces.  That didn’t stop me though.  I noticed this small, minor dilemma while putting it up this week, so what did I do?  I bent the top, and I made it work.  🙂  Now it only ever so slightly grazes the ceiling.

The BA Tree is also a little bit on the drunk side.  Over the years, our beloved tree has lost a few bits of it’s treehood near the top.  So he is weighed a little bit heavier on one side, and the top leans just a bit.  Minor details.  I refuse to let this get me down.

The tree is home.

I’ve done most of the decorating for now, but I take tree trimming very seriously.  I don’t like to just do it all at once.  I savor the piece placement over the next few days, deciding what needs a little something extra, and what to move.  For now, the tree is up, and I’m still hard at work making it perfect.

As much as this tree makes me happy this year, it makes me even more happy that it will be around next year.  Every time I look at it I think of how much will be different next Christmas.  How there will be a little one here with us while we decorate it.

Next year we get to introduce a new little life to the tree.


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