A Greener Baby

We’re having a GREEN baby!

Hopefully not the colour green, that might be a little strange.  Nope, the other kind of green.  The eco-friendly kind.

Even before we were married, The Hubs and I made a lot of decisions about caring for our future littles.  Some involved planning future research on language immersion or home schooling.  Some were centered around not having cable while our kids were little.  Most though, most were about bringing a child into this world that would have a smaller footprint than the average American baby.

As my readers know, I’m huge on being as eco-friendly as possible.  So it goes without saying, that going in to parenthood I would act the same way.

The easiest and biggest decision we made, was to cloth diaper.  The thought of disposable diapers, with their chemicals touching my soft baby’s buns, and the toxic waste they leave behind – let’s just say…it was a no brainer.

Not only is cloth diapering our children going to cut back on our ‘sposie diaper footprint on the world, it’s going to save us bundles of the green kind of dough, AND in my opinion, make our Baby Fay pretty darn stylish.



Who wouldn’t want to wear those adorable dipes?  I know if I were a baby, I would be down for that in a heartbeat!

We’re still doing lots and lots of diaper research, but so far the plan is to use Kissaluvs newborns and regular prefolds for the first month or two, and then move on to BumGenius4.0 until potty training.

A lot of people get turned off from cloth diapering because of the cost.  For sure, it is a larger out of pocket expense in the beginning, where as disposables are a continuing cost.  Something to consider though – cloth diapers are an investment.  Not only are you buying a set of diapers to last this child, but any future children you have as well.  In addition, there is a very large re-sale market out there for cloth diapers.  Which means, if you are looking to cut down on that initial cost you can start by buying someone elses gently used dipes!  Or plan to sell your stash when you don’t need them anymore!

So what do are some pros of cloth diapering?  Without a doubt there is the obvious answer – less environmental waste.  Like I mentioned though, they can also save you money.  I have also heard a lot of people mention that potty training came much faster with cloth diapered babes vs their ‘sposie counterpart.  You know exactly what you are putting on those soft baby cheeks – there are lots of different organic material options, and since you home wash them, you know what’s on there.  They also have an added benefit of customized leakage protection.  Pocket diapers allow you to put in extra filling for protection against leaks.  Oh and did I mention, they.are.adorable.

There are lots of resources out there for cloth diapering, my favourite site being The Eco-Friendly Family.  Lots of helpful guides and even a video on the different folds for prefolds!  The Cloth Diaper Whisperer is also fabulous!

For those parents who are on the fence regarding diapering practices, consider trial packages.  For these you pay upfront for a variety selection of different dipes, use them for a set amount of time and return for a partial refund.  It’s a great option for testing them out and picking which dipes you like best.  Two online trials that I know of are through Jillian’s Drawers and Sunshine Diapers.

Beyond the diapers, we also plan on using cloth wipes instead of the throwaway kind, and will definitely be taking advantage of the Arizona sun for air drying (and bleaching those diaper stains) our diapers.

Yet another reason why I can’t wait for June, so I can start diapering those Baby Fay buns!

4 thoughts on “A Greener Baby

  1. We’re CDing also and I bought 2 dozen of the Kissaluvs so far. I love them and I’ve heard GREAT things about them! Good job, Jaye! 🙂 our babes will be VERY stylish! hehe

    • Yay! Where have you been ordering your KLs from? I haven’t done any price shopping yet, but I want to start buying them soon!

      • I bought some on craigslist that were in GREAT condition but then I just google them and find the best deals I can.

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