The Search for a Stroller

I haven’t even been in the 2nd trimester for very long, and yet I feel like I’ve been researching baby things since the dawn of time.

I’ve tackled baby researching one item at a time.  First it was the crib, then the stroller, then carseat, diapers, and finally today I *think* I’ve picked the bottles.  Phew.  The Hubs asked me the other day how much more there possibly could be to research.  Luckily, in my opinion, not that much.  Babies don’t need a ridiculous amount of stuff, and we’re pretty minimalist when it comes to the amount of stuff we own.  So, from here on out I think I’ll be focusing on nursery designing (aka the FUN part – for me!)

Since it’s been consuming my thoughts for the past few months, I thought I would post about some of the choices we’ve made, and how we came to those decisions.

Today let’s talk about Baby Fay’s Stroller (and car seat)

This one was a really tough choice, for me.  If The Hubs had made this decision, I’m almost positive he would have been able to make it in five minutes.  For me, it took countless hours and hours (I mean HOURS upon HOURS) of researching, review reading, demonstration watching, friend asking.   Why was this so hard?  Because I’m picky!

I really wanted a stroller that had the ability to have the seat forward or parent-facing.  This came about after I fell, like head over heals in love with the Orbit Baby G2.

The name caught my attention ( you know, because it’s an Orbit.  Like planetary orbits.  Dork here) and the design was so nerdy, I loved it.  The most awesome thing about this stroller, is the ability to swivel the seat 360degrees.  Amazing.  The only problem, you ask?  It retails at $900 for the stroller base and infant car seat.  Once the child grows out of the infant seat, you have to purchase the additional toddler seat which was over $200 (don’t even ask about the expense of an extra car seat base for your second car…ouch!).   I just couldn’t justify what would easily become a $1,500 stroller system.

My search continued, now hoping for just the option to switch the seat either direction, and not necessarily swivel it like the genius OBG2 design.  I also really wanted the option for the stroller to be a pram.  I like prams, ok?  Oh and a major plus if you could remove the stroller seat to attach the infant car seat – less bulk.  We also needed a relatively compact fold, and smooth maneuverability.  Some top contender brands were Peg Perego, Bugaboo, Inglesina and Baby Jogger.  None fully meshed with my personality.  Until I found *the one*.

The UPPAbaby Vista – most likely in the shown colour, Clarin.  Woot Woot!

It has everything on our wish list, and more!  The seat lifts off, and can switch facing directions.  There is an included bassinet (go prams!).  I’m very fond of the fold, although nothing appears to be as compact and amazing as the Inlgesina Zippy.  Not to mention, it has awesome consumer reviews.  Even Baby Bargains gave it an A rating.  Some added awesomeness- the telescoping handles (great for taller AND shorter stroller drivers), the organic fabrics, huge canopies that have even longer sun shades, the optional Rumbleseat for a second child, and a nice large basket!  I love this stroller, through and through.

Now, it’s still pricey.  The stroller package retails for about $680 (depending on the colour choice) and that doesn’t include the infant car seat.  BUT this is a stroller to last you through all of your children, and the option to make it a double stroller by purchase the $100 Rumbleseat is a huge plus.  The Vista also has optional adapters for the Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego infant car seats, which means you can mix a match to get your personalized travel system.  Which leads us to…

Baby Fay’s Car Seat

I’m still slightly on the fence with this one.  I really like the Chicco Keyfit 30, but I can’t get my head away from wanting the side-impact protection that the Peg offers…  In the end, I think we’ll go with the Chicco, considering it’s one of the top safety and consumer rated car seats available, and is substantially more affordable than the Peg.   The Chicco is also lighter, which I’ve heard to be a huge complaint with the Peg.

So, I give you the Chicco Keyfit 30

If Baby Fay is a girl I really like the yellow Limonata colour.  If we have a boy though, we will probably go with something different.

We’re both very pleased with the results of all of my hard research!  I’m still hoping that we can luck out and find the Vista on sale (fingers crossed that the 2010 model goes on sale in early 2011!!!) because I would love for it to be a little less pricey…either way though, we’re comfortable with the cost, and can’t wait to start strolling Baby Fay around!

3 thoughts on “The Search for a Stroller

  1. Great choices! The UPPA is a amazing stroller…only down fall (which is pretty huge and only a mother would know how important this is) is that it has no snack tray. Other than that, perfect!

    Good decision on the car seat too…trust me, you dont want the peg. It is the heaviest, bulkest infant seat. Safe, yes but not my # 1 pick 🙂

    • That was the only thing I was semi-worried about…but from my research, it looks like they plan to introduce a snack tray this year to snap in the bumper bar spot. So I’m holding out hope that by the time Bugger is old enough to need one, they’ll have it available!

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