16 Weeks Pregnant

Sorry I haven’t posted much.  I’ve been crazy busy the past week, and it’s probably going to continue, so be patient!  If all goes well I’ll have some furniture refinishing to show you early next week, and maybe some updated house photos, but we’ll see.


The last few weeks have flown by, and if they are any indication of what the next 24 weeks will be like…Ahh!

I’m actually really enjoying that things are speeding up, though.  I spend less time wallowing in the “But I’m BARELY pregnant” and spend more time trying to remember what week I’m in.  Seriously.  This past week I couldn’t remember what week I was in.  I think I skipped week 15 with how quick it disappeared.  So here we are, closing in on the end of the fourth month!

I’m definitely growing, but I’m not so sure if the average person would notice.  Although, I have been getting lots of the “You look so adorable!” comments from coworkers that I barely see, so that’s nice.  The Hubs has a newfound fascination with the growing belly.  Whereas most men are caught checking out a woman’s chest region, The Hubs gets caught staring at my belly with big excited eyes.

This past week I started thinking that I might be feeling the baby moving around, but I’m second guessing it.  I only noticed feeling something a few times so it’s hard to analyze.  I absolutely can’t wait until it gets stronger and for The Hubs to be able to feel it too!

I’ve been checking my blood pressure at home on a daily basis, and I’m happy to report that I’m back down to a very healthy level!  Next week I’m sure to shock the doctor with my new and improved lower blood pressure.  Apparently all of that decreased sodium, increased walking, and lots of laying on my left side, worked.  So now I just need to keep that up, and hopefully I’ll stay clear of the Pre-Eclampsia.

Our fingers are crossed super tight that everything goes well at our doctor’s appointment next week.  As long as the baby is measuring well, we’ll be moving forward and doing the anatomy scan then.  I’m starting to worry a bit about making sure all the organs are where they should be and developed properly.  I keep telling the baby to make sure it gets everything ready for us next week.  We’re also hoping that they will be able to tell us the sex then.

The Hubs has settled on a girl name – at least he says he has 🙂  We’re both completely in love with the name, so there are no more worries about not having a name if Bugger is a little girl.

I’m still having girl visions.  Either way though, we will be thrilled!

I can’t wait to find out though, so we can start the nursery.  My nesting instinct is slowly starting to kick in.

Well, we’re off to go work on some furniture re-finishing!  See you in 2011!


One thought on “16 Weeks Pregnant

  1. OMG you ARE too cute! I love it! Nice and round. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be finding out the sex next week. I found out the sex at 17wks. It’s also possible you’ve been feeling movement. I was feeling flutters around then too.

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