The Time I Cried at the Sun and Demanded Skittles

Originally written Sunday, October 17th 2010.

Since finding out that there was a bundle of cells multiplying like nuclear fusion in my uterus, I’ve been in a deep state of denial.  Of course, I’ve made sure that I do the things I should, eat right, take my vitamins, and keep this incubating body moving.  Still, I haven’t experienced morning sickness, intense cravings, or the super sonic nose.  My only real reason to think that there is a lovechild in my belly, is my slowly ever growing chests region, and shooting pains in that same region.

It’s hard to deny my pregnancy though, when I think back to two classic baby growing moments.

Moment Number 1

The Sun Is So Beautiful, It Brings Tears to My Eyes

Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly dorky, I’ll watch some astronomy TV.  You know the kind of stuff that they show on the History channel, or something equally boring.   One pregnant afternoon, I was feeling up to it.  So, I pulled up Netflix, and turned on an episode about the Sun.

Let me tell you, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, emotional about the Sun.  Interesting, mind boggling, but not tear jerking.

But would you know, part way through the episode, I started bawling.  The Sun, it’s just SO beautiful, so awe striking, that I started to cry.

Crying at stupid things = You’re Pregnant.

Moment Number 2

You WILL Get Me Skittles At 3AM If I Want Them

I’m determined to be a fairly reasonable pregnant woman.  I don’t want to be demanding, or overly annoying to my husband.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t expect him to jump when I ask (politely) or run to the convenience store for a pickle in a bag if the baby wants it.

I’ll get a few things straight off the bat.  I don’t like skittles.  I have not asked my husband to get me anything at 3AM, nor do I plan on it.

While walking one night, and talking about baby things, my Hubby happened to mention that I shouldn‘t expect him to get up at 3AM for a craving.  I laughed, and said “I haven’t done that!  I don’t even have any cravings.”  His reply involved sputtering about the what if of me wanting something sugary, like a pack of skittles.  It could happen, he replied.

Even though I know he was partially kidding, and partially pushing my buttons, I couldn’t control the burst of pregnancy hormones that shot out of my mouth at that moment.

Pregnant Jaye:  “Let me set you straight, HUSBAND.  I’m carrying your spawn, and part of carrying your spawn means I may at some point have a craving.   If at any point in time, this BABY that you put in my uterus wants Skittles, you WILL get them for me (and baby).  I don’t care if it’s 3 in the afternoon, or morning.  If I want Skittles, I’ll get damn Skittles, and there will be no complaining from you.”


I should probably point out, I was yelling, outside, at 9PM.   Skittles get me heated, what can I say.

I would also like to point out, that I did add a quiet “But, I’ll try to be reasonable” when I didn’t hear him respond.

I guess I’m pregnant, eh?

I am 17 weeks pregnant (eek!) and I have yet to demand anything in the middle of the night, but I still cry for no reason.


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