18 Weeks Pregnant

Almost halfway there!

Nothing super exciting going on in my pregnant world right now.  I’m not really growing that much right now, so I’m hoping that the next few weeks brings on some major bump growth!

Actually, I take that back – we did have exciting news recently!  We found out that I am the baby gender guessing genius – because – we’re definitely having a little GIRL!  We had an awesome ultrasound last Friday.  We’re lucky we wanted to know the sex of the baby, because she definitely wanted us to know.  The second the ultrasound wand hit my belly, there was Baby Fay, our little exhibitionist!  She was spread eagle, bum facing out, clearly no extra *junk* between her legs!

We are so thrilled about this news – and the fact that right now everything with her looks normal and healthy.

I’m still looking healthy too.  My blood pressure was back down to a normal range – Yay!  The ultrasound tech did note that I have partial placenta previa, which means my placenta is right next to my cervix.  In the majority of cases this problem clears up on it’s own as the uterus expands.  I will have another ultrasound next month to determine if this is happening as it should.  If this isn’t the case, the next few months we will be closely monitoring the situation, as placenta previa at delivery means an automatic Caesarean.  Since we’re planning for a med-free vaginal delivery, this would cause some major disappointment.

Still no Baby movement.  In fact, I’m retracting my previous updated statement that I thought I was feeling *something*.  I am definitely not feeling anything, no flutters, gas bubbles, nada.  I do have an anterior placenta though, so it doesn’t surprise me.  I’m really hoping I start feeling something soon!  I can’t wait to experience that part of pregnancy.

Now that we know what we’re having, I’ve been working on nursery plans – to the max!  We found an awesome deal on the crib we want, so I will be ordering that this weekend.  I’ll also try and work on a design plan so I can show you all what our plans for our daughter’s room.

A daughter!  I still can’t believe it!


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