The Beginnings of a Nursery

The box most definitely did NOT hold an elephant 🙂  But let me explain how what was in there does in fact relate to elephants!

On Sunday night, our little girl’s crib arrived!

I realize we may be way ahead of the game on this one, since we ordered it when I was barely 18.5 weeks pregnant.   We are aiming to have the nursery finished by about 32 weeks.  Reason being –  I want time to enjoy the room, and not feel rushed.  Plus, there is this little nagging feeling in my head that I’m not going to make it full term.  I was a preemie, and my brother was also a bit early.  Although I’m hoping she stays in until she’s fully baked, there is a pretty good chance given my family history of pregnancy complications that this little angel may arrive earlier than expected.   I would rather be prepared for that likelyhood than be blindsided by it!

So without further interruption – I give you, the first piece of Baby Fay’s nursery!

Complete with newly cleaned carpets!

I was fabulously surprised when it only took 5 days for our crib to come in.  I was so impressed with that.  The fact that we paid $125 out of pocket for a $500 crib didn’t hurt my happy button either 🙂

As you can tell, we decided to go with white furniture.  Both of the bedrooms we considered for the nursery are pretty small, so I felt that dark furniture would darken the spaces a bit.  I did consider using the big guest room as the nursery, but honeslty, that room is way too big for a baby room, in my opinion.  I also think that the white furniture goes much better with our nursery plans.

I’ll probably start revealing pieces of the nursery plan as they come together – but for now, since we have the crib all ready, I’ll let you in on the bedding we’ll be purchasing very soon.

Crib bedding was the biggest PITA to pick out.  I had a very specific style I was going for, but was also trying to not spend more than $300 on the set.  Unfortunately, everything I found in that style was upwards of $400/500/600.  It was crazy talk.  We considered a few more traditional baby styles, I even planned to make the bedding myself from fabric that I chose.  In the end, a pure strike of luck hit me when I found this set.  Not only is it the colours I initially wanted, it was simple, the exact style, and extremely affordable.  Woot!

We were originally going to go with a yellow/gray birds and butterflies theme.

Well, we still plan of having a butterfly or two (secret project of awesome) but there will also be…

can you guess it?


I’ve been an elephant junkie since before I can remember.  So we’re going to try and throw a few modern flares in there with some white elephant figures and most definitely this elephant hamper that I have coveted.

I can’t wait to continue working on it and revealing all of the surprises to my readers along the way!


6 thoughts on “The Beginnings of a Nursery

  1. Jaye, I love your crib!! Where did you find a steal of a deal like that – $125 for crib like that is unheard of here… Can’t wait to see more on the nursery 🙂

    • We were actually really lucky! We purchased from JCPenney, and they were having a huge sale on all of their baby furniture. Otherwise, the cheapest I had found that specific crib through other stores was $400 – which was even on sale from the retail price!
      Sooo happy 🙂

  2. I love the crib, I love the bedding, and I LOVE the hamper! You have such great taste!!! PS – I’ll be 32 weeks on Sunday, and we’ve yet to buy the crib…way to totally put me to shame. lol

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