Ode to Pregnancy Cravings

You hear it over and over again – Pregnancy Cravings make us breeding folk go crazy.

I didn’t believe it before getting pregnant.  I thought I would be a much more *normal* pregnant lady.  I was so totally stronger than the infamous cravings.

Then pregnancy happened.

Let’s just say, my body showed me, and it showed me good.

In the beginning it really wasn’t too noticeable.  Kind of like regular cravings.  I would see something and all of a sudden it would sound yummy.  Unfortunately, the majority of the time I could only down carbs because of the other pregnancy symptom – nausea.  I can’t count the number of times I thought something sounded good until I started eating it.

I remember so well the day I had my first real pregnancy craving.

I was heavy in the midst of my carbocentral diet, but was dying to eat something that resembled a real fruit.  I couldn’t bring myself to eat a banana, but I got it in my head to disguise it as a banana milkshake.  Now that, sounded like something I could eat, and I couldn’t get it out of my head.  So on our weekly grocery shopping trip, I found myself slowly walking the ice cream aisle.   We never buy ice cream (which reminds me, I still have a pre-baby blog post to publish – it deals with ice cream!) so I was scanning for the best deal.  I had been looking at the ice cream for maybe 2 minutes, when The Hubs pulls up with the cart and tells me

“Jaye, we need to get real food, not ice cream.”

I was a goner.  I stood in the middle of the Safeway ice cream aisle and started bawling.  It was earth shattering (at the time).  Full on lip quivering, beet red face, tears streaming, chin shaking.  It’s too bad no one else was in the aisle, because I’m pretty sure my reaction would have won me an Academy Award.

Of course The Hubs had no idea what I was so upset about.  He came over, put his arm around me trying to console the pregnancy lunatic and asked me what was wrong.

I can’t remember exactly what I said, but I’m sure it came out something like “bwwwaaaaa….bananas…..milkshake…..just….need….bwaaaaaaa…..bananas!!!!!”

I couldn’t stop crying the entire shopping trip, but you can bet that our cart went to checkout with vanilla ice cream in it.

Since that day there really haven’t been any more outbursts.  We’ve learned how to deal with my cravings – aka The Hubs never questions my grocery aisle pauses or cart additions.

Something I find relatively amusing about my cravings so far, most of the time they aren’t actually about the food I’m eating, but what I dip it in.

For example –

First Trimester, the only way I could eat a vegetable was to douse it in ranch.  I couldn’t get enough.  Ranch, that is.  I was putting it on everything.  I even started putting it on plain white rice because I didn’t have anything veggielike to put it on.  I may or may not have made an egg salad sandwich with ranch instead of mayo.

The beginning the second trimester I went CRAZY with ketchup.  I think I went through an entire container by myself in two weeks.  I would come home every day from work and cut up some potatoes for oven fries.  Not because I wanted oven fries, but because I wanted GOBS AND GOBS of ketchup.  I mean GOBS.  I would scoop a big dollup on a fry, bite that end off, scoop another big dollup, bite…and so on and so forth.

Lately I’ve been craving sushi.  Not sushi itself, but sushi dipped in soy sauce.  I’ve tried having something at home with soy sauce, but it’s just not the same.  I want the restaurant kind, with a ton of wasabi mixed in.  (there’s no way my heartburn would agree to this though) Oh god.  I would probably dip a piece of cucumber roll in it and then proceed to drink the rest of the dish.  Nom Nom Noms.

Of course, there are other more normal cravings.  I’ve eaten more than a lifetimes worth of fruit snacks over the last five months.  So many, that I’m pretty sure I’m fruit snacked out at this point.  I also have freaked out on The Hubs for making our bowls of mint chocolate chip ice cream (there is that ice cream again, P.S Pre-pregnant me does not like ice cream, and ESPECIALLY not mint chocolate chip) too big because it meant he not only got his huge bowl, but the remnants of mine because I couldn’t finish it.  I can’t have everyone else eating all of my ice cream.

All of this makes me sound like a glutton for bad food.  The truth is though, I actually eat pretty amazing well right now.  In my whole life I’ve never eaten as many oranges as I have in the last few months.  I have consumed more cucumbers than I can count and have fallen more in love with avocados (it’s a healthy fat!) than I ever thought possible.

You think you won’t turn out like this?  Think again!

That was me, five months ago. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Ode to Pregnancy Cravings

  1. mmmmm Avocados I love me some avacados. i could quite possibly eat those on everything lately as well.

    Enjoy the cravings while they last because after baby all those cravings go bye bye and then its DIET time.. =)

  2. Ummmmm, we all learned what the word “territorial” meant when it came to Jaye and her mint choc chip ice cream. That’s just fine…..when my grand-daughter arrives, we’ll show you who shares the ice cream. *smile*

  3. LOL @ ranch on white rice. Too funny! There were a couple of weeks where all I wanted to eat was BLTs. I hadn’t had a BLT in probably 10 years before I got pregnant, but boy did I make up for lost time.

    And you def DON’T need to share your ice cream. Lock it up if you need to! 😉

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