22 Weeks Pregnant


So I’m a few days late on this, technically this picture is at 22weeks2days…Don’t mind my awesomely classy full panel leggings and see-thru tank – it was late, and if I hadn’t taken this picture tonight…well, it probably never would have happened!

Baby Girl is about a full pound by now!  That’s pretty amazing if you ask me.  No more of this “ounces” deal.  She’s a real pound!

My belly is definitely starting to show it.  I’m getting HUGE (with only much more hugeness to go) but I swear, there is only ONE baby in there!  It’s almost as if I went from having a big but squishy belly, to a big and rock hard belly – overnight.  Speaking of rock hard belly…I’m definitely having Braxton Hicks contractions.  I noticed them a few weeks ago.  My uterus would get really tight all of a sudden, almost like it was clenching.  Since then it’s happened a few more times.  Keep on practicing ute – we need you to be an efficient contracting machine!

Still no stretch marks, just enhancing of my awesome ones left over from a pubescent growth spurt.  My belly button is still completely in, but getting shallower every day.  I actually noticed the top part protruding out a little bit.  Is it weird that I am uber excited about the belly button changing?

Movements are pretty much constant all day now.  She likes to roll around a lot in there, but stops moving the second her Daddy puts his hand on my belly.  Rarrrr Baby Girl!  I still can’t see movements on the outside.  Can’t wait for that!

The getting big part of pregnancy is starting to kick in with lots of aches and pains.  I’ve noticed some swelling in my ankles, but not too much.

Even with all the aches and pains, I’m actually able to say for the first time that I’m starting to *enjoy* this pregnancy.  It hasn’t been all around horrible, but with all of the complications since the first month, it’s been hard to actually focus on how neat all of this is.  Sometimes I’ll just sit back at my desk and giggle at BGF when she gets really active.  It makes me so happy to think that she is getting big and strong.  I truly can’t wait to be at the end of the next 18 weeks!

The best news this update – my placenta is no longer jeopordizing our birth plans!  I was so nervous going in to that appointment, but am beyond relieved that everything is turning out okay 🙂

Starting next week we’re on Nursery Duty.  I promise (PROMISE) to keep you updated on all of that progress.  There have been some new developments and I am itching to release my brain vomit into the world!

I also have about a million more posts that I need to publish, so you should be seeing some more action soon.


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