Mommy Mobile

I’ve determined that this blog is quickly becoming a Baby Blog.

I told myself that I wouldn’t turn it into everything baby, but it just so happens that my entire life is BABY right now.

Oh well.

So something else that’s been on our Parent To Be minds lately has been a new car.

I’ve mentioned it maybe a hundred times before, we need a new car.  It’s not an exact emergency or anything, but The Hubs’ vehicle is nowhere close to comfortable for trucking a baby around.  In fact, I don’t even think a car seat would fit in the back seat with his seat pushed back to accommodate his legs.  Not to mention, a few years ago his car was broken into at our old apartment and the stereo was stolen…we’ve never replaced it because we planned on eventually getting a new car anyway.  Oh and it’s a stick shift, which although I can drive, I prefer not to, so we really only have one vehicle that I can drive.

Before BGF was in the making I was planning on getting either a newer Toyota Camry or a Ford Fusion (preferably the Hybrid versions)

After test driving last summer, the Camry was officially OUT.  It was pretty, but the interior was generations behind the quality of my current 2003 XLE.  The Toyota hybrid technology also didn’t seem to translate well into a fuller sedan.  Let’s just say, it was sluggish.

The Fusion, awesome.  I would tie myself to this vehicle in a heartbeat.  It is beautiful, inside and out.  Only problem…the curse of the full size hybrid, no fold down rear seats.  How the heck are we supposed to make trips to IKEA with that?  I just can’t get past this feature (or lack thereof).

Well, since BGF’s conception, I’ve been rethinking our vehicle options.

We’ve even been considering a…



I’m not too happy about that, but there are parts of me that think it would be a good option – granted, it would need to have fairly good gas mileage.

After MUCH, and I mean MUCH consideration, the top two contenders in my mind right now (could change on a moments notice so don’t hold me to it)

Ford Escape (Hybrid would be amazing, but since we’d like to pay in cash, not really in the budget)


Toyota Prius

I laugh at myself when I realize how different these two options are.  They are the two opposite sides of my own personal vehicle argument.

Here’s the thing though.  I love the idea of an SUV, but I absolutely do not think they are a necessity for a growing family.  I never saw myself owning one.  Ever.  I always figured I would be a sedan Momma.  I know that lots of Momma’s swear by their SUVs for towing families and their gear, but I’m still not sure it’s for me.  Of course, it would be awesome for IKEA runs (can you tell my life revolves around IKEA?), but there is still a part of me that an SUV just completely ruins.  The eco-friendly part.  My heart aches.

The Prius on the other hand.  That’s the car I’ve wanted since I first started driving.  Although it’s a smaller vehicle, the hatchback with fold down seats can actually accommodate quite a lot of gear.  With gas prices constantly on the up and up (and not in a good way), I find myself having to consider what is worth the long haul.  A bigger vehicle, or a more efficient vehicle?  Truthfully, I want a car that is going to get better gas mileage than my Camry, and this is the #1 option for that role.

Baby wise, both would be great.  Both will fit the infant seat in the back with both front seats pushed all the way back.  Both have ample trunk space.  Both have good safety ratings.

Luckily we’ve still got time to decide – and their are a million other choices out there.  We’re definitely considering other sedan options, because I still have quite a love affair with the new Hyundai Sonata.  The jury is still out on whether or not we’ll make way for the new car before BGF gets here.  With the amazing Prius V coming out later this summer, I’m almost hoping I can hold out until then.  That car, now THAT car would give me the best of both the larger car world and the eco-friendly world.

What car do you consider the ultimate Mommy Mobile?


10 thoughts on “Mommy Mobile

    • I completely agree! I never thought about it being baby-friendly when I bought it, but now that we are trying, I am thinking it’s perfect!

  1. Just bought a Subaru outback – love it – just thought I would throw that one out there …. it is roomy, easy to tote a stroller , with fold down seats too.

  2. I love love LOVE my CR-V. Roomy, but not too enormous. Drives like a dream. Easily fits all Ikea (and Target… and Pier 1…) purchases. Believe, I’ve tested this theory many times. 😉

    But from your post, I can tell you really love the Prius. Therefore, I vote for that! It’s roomy, it’s eco-friendly, it’s adorbs. Can’t go wrong.

  3. You need a Volvo! I have an XC90… I just happen to have a 2006 that would be PERFECT for you. Safe, functional and gets 22 miles to the gallon. Not quite an SUV and not quite a sedan. Think about it Mamma!

  4. We LOVE our prius! I can not say enough good things about it- it’s just beautiful!

    Also, it halls a ton of stuff. When I bought the travel system, the guy at Babies R Us was like, you’re going to put this in that, and I was like ya if need be the seats fold down. Dude the box is gynormous right- we didn’t even have to fold the seats down. Just slid it on in, and closed the door.

    I vote Prius!

    • Jenn, I totally meant to talk to you about your Prius the other night at dinner! Arg! Glad to hear you love it 🙂 I really really want it 🙂 AND I’m awesomely impressed that you fit the Chicco travel system box in there. I bought it as a gift and barely fit it in the back seat of my Camry – it was a snug fit in the backseat, and if it hadn’t of fit I didn’t have the hatchback room!

      *chants* Prius Prius Prius!

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