The State of Sleep

This post should be more accurately titled as – The Absolute Lack of Anything I Consider to be Quality Sleep : A Preparation for Motherhood.

Nature does a cruel, cruel thing to pregnant women.

No, I’m not talking about the stretchmarks (still waiting on those), the swelling (we’re good friends), the varicose veins (we were recently introduced), the mood swings (HAH!), the cravings (you did read that post, right?)…

No, the most cruel thing nature has done to pregnant women is take away comfortable sleeping in the last few months of gestation.

We all know we bid peaceful sleeping goodbye for at least a few (maybe 18 or even more!) years, but couldn’t we at least get a nice, peaceful, quiet, sleep-coma’d 9.5 months?  Is that too much to ask?

Maybe it’s the sign that I’m almost into the last trimester, because honestly, the second trimester hasn’t been too horrible on sleeping (until now).  First trimester was a ridiculous cluster-*** of getting up every 2 hours to pee, drink, eat, or wallow in my nausea.  Then there came a few months where I could sleep, albeit, a little uncomfortably due to my new found hatred for our soft mattress.

I am now to the point where I have to barricade myself (read: I have The Hubs strategically place a bunch of pillows around and under my body to correctly position me) into a comfortable resting position.  My sleeping position includes a body pillow – used for holding on to dear life in fear that I’ll wake up on my back and extremely uncomfortable as I usually do, pillows stacked at the end of the bed – used to raise my feet and legs above the rest of me to hopefully keep any more evil varicose veins from popping out of my legs, and pillows shoved behind my knees and back – used to give additional insurance against back-sleeping, although this has yet to work.

No matter how well situated I am when I get into bed, I always end up uncomfortable come 2AM when I wake up.  Not only uncomfortable, but completely incapable of getting myself out of my encasement by myself to go to the bathroom.  Which means I end up moaning and thrashing around until The Hubs wakes up, pulls my body pillow out of the way and catapults me out of bed.

I am a human canonball.

So sleeping sucks, but I guess on the plus side of this, I’m going to be a very well trained non-sleeper when it comes time to taking care of my little girl.

I am 25.5 weeks pregnant (the .5 is mucho importante) and even though I complain a lot, pregnancy really is amazing.



3 thoughts on “The State of Sleep

  1. With all of the inventions for babies, some of them quite ridiculous (that peepee teepee immediately comes to mind), you’d think they’d have come up with a sleeping apparatus for mommas-to-be.

    After all, they have the comfy cozy little cushiony thing called the “napper” or whatever… I mean, you can literally mold the baby into any shape you like at any given time, and store them…. but they can’t come up with a comfy pregnancy sleep arrangement.

    Now, I’m thinking, something like a comfy cushiony, but firm, lazy-boy chair. you stretch out, and it molds around you, tucks you into position. And if you need to move, get up, you just touch the arm and the chair gyrates gently into position and assists you with getting up.

    I mean… now how hard could that be?

  2. In my 3rd trimester I could get comfortable and fall asleep but then the rash kept me up. And not only that, but I had really bad pregnancy insomnia. I was up a good 3 hours straight every night. Just unable to sleep. That sucked!

    Ha! I thought the pregnancy sleep loss would prepare me for newborn sleep loss. Let me tell you, it does NOT! (sorry to burst your bubble there)

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