A Fabric Love Affair

Remember this post? The one where I shared with you our plans for BGFs nursery?

Well, wouldn’t you know, about 30 seconds (okay, I think it was the next day) later we (read: I) had a big change of plans.

It all started with a picture of an unknown fabric.  I was surfing the web, looking up pictures of yellow and gray nurseries, when I came across this picture that was most definitely not of a nursery…but totally yellow and gray worthy…


There was just something about this room – and you can see more pictures of the room if you click the Source link – that pulled me in.  It wasn’t the flowers, or the awesome chairs.  Not my love affair with perfect place settings or water goblets (PS we have ones just like that and I uber love them).

It was the fabric.


It was love at first sight.   I needed it.  This was what I’d been looking for.  Exactly what BGF needed in her nursery.

Only problem was, there was NO way to find what this fabric was.  I knew from the posting that it was from the Duralee brand, but after searching for days, I never found it.  There was no record of this fabric even existing when I searched for Duralee + gray/yellow or anything close.  I was so lost.  There were definitely sleepless nights over how BGFs nursery would not be acceptable without this fabric.  Heck, she may choose to not even come out at all if her nursery didn’t have THIS fabric.

Then came my last resort search.  I went through every single Duralee fabric book for the past 4 years.  If you know anything about fabric books then you know, that is A LOT of work.  Any given fabric manufacturer comes out with numerous books per year, heck, PER SEASON.  I did it though.

Wouldn’t you know, it actually paid off!   Somewhere in that long search I found it.   Foliage Dove was the name.

I was euphoric.  You have no idea.

With a name (and item number) I went hunting.  I had luck, but it was going to cost me over $30/yard.

After lots and lots of thinking, I pulled the trigger and ordered (after searching numerous times for a more affordable option) 11 yards.   Enough for full length curtains for both windows, a crib skirt, and perhaps a pillow case or something else small.

Lots of dancing, fist pumping and giddy excitement followed.

A week later, my heart sunk.  I received an email from the place I ordered from stating that the fabric was DISCONTINUED and my order would not be filled.

WHHHHAATT?  Cue panic attack.

Yes, I realize I overly dramatize everything, but I literally freaked out.  I had finally put my finger on exactly what I wanted my baby girl’s nursery to look like, and it was pulled out of my waiting fingers.

Enter one very resourceful Nana-to-be.  My Mum literally saved the day.   With some additional searching (leaving out the Duralee part) she found it!  A phone call to the store, and a phone call from the store to the warehouse confirmed, they had 100 yards left.  Better yet, it was on sale, I was about to save $75.  WOOT!

My debit card was out faster than you can say “GIMME”

Another week went by, and we received a fabulous delivery.


Now I admit, I’m a little crazy when it comes to finding things I like.  I’m picky.  I’m more than picky, I’m neurotically choosy.  Plus, I’m stubborn.  If I was a smarter woman, I would have just gone out there and picked a crib bedding set that had a full collection of things like curtains, mobiles, pictures etc.  I mean, that’s what normal people do, right?  Normal people don’t go crazy looking for a random picture of fabric to buy to make curtains and bedding when they DON’T EVEN SEW.

But I think we’ve established, I’m not normal.  I’m a freak of nature.

That being said.  Baby Girl Fay officially has some stupendous fabric for her nursery, and if she doesn’t like it…well, let’s not worry about that one…she won’t be able to talk for at least a few years.


4 thoughts on “A Fabric Love Affair

  1. Ummmm… trust me… if Ariadne doesn’t like it, she’s gonna be telling you by time she’s 18 months old. Her momma had very strident opinions at a very young age; I have a feeling and a desire that my grand-darling shares that trait. and besides… her momma is designing a very personal soothing and magical place for her, what’s not to like.

  2. I have been searching for yellow and gray fabric, too. So hard to find! Would you mind sharing where you got this fabric? Pretty please?! If you could email me at harpie1980@yahoo.com, that would be so wonderful. Thank you!

    PS – My mom is going to be Nana, too, instead of Grandma. 🙂

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