Nursery Happenings

This weekend was the official start to getting BGFs room ready.  We already purchased her crib and set that up, and the armchair – but really, the nursery isn’t in full swing until the painting is done!

It was a LOT of work for two days, and I am so thankful that we have such great family to help us with the work.  Between four people we were able to get her room painted on Saturday (including closet and ceiling) and curtains made and hung on Sunday.

It’s beautiful so far.  I can’t even explain the feeling I have when I walk in that room.  Even my brother had an “Awww!” reaction when he saw it with the curtains up.  Truly just the way I had imagined it.  All of these important things, paint, fabric and furniture, coming together in just the right way.

The paint colour was a huge mess to pick out.  After buying a ridiculous amount of samples, we ended up choosing a colour from Behr called Cream Puff – reduce by 50%.  Initially, Cream Puff was way too dark.  It was the perfect colour, but just too much of it.  So first I had them take out 25% of the colour.  It was better, but still too much.  So 50% ended up being the magic number.  Honestly, it’s better than I even imagined it to be.

So, you’re probably wanting the goods, eh?

I’ll give you a few sneaks, but I’ll be up front…I’m not showing the entire nursery until it’s done!  You’ll just have to accept close ups, macro views of details and awkward angles until I get everything ready.  Pictures just don’t do things justice, so I want the first time everyone sees it to be when it is JUST right 🙂

The curtains were made from a NO-SEW method I followed from Younghouselove .  It was, in a word – easy.  There was definitely plenty of time that went into cutting four panels, and prepping.  But the work, it was so much easier than sewing!

So there you have it!  The true start to our Baby Girl’s room!  We can’t express how warm and inviting it is…It is just perfect!

Now on to the details – stay tuned for those updates coming soon!


5 thoughts on “Nursery Happenings

  1. Photos do not do the walls justice. The actual walls are so creamy yellow, soft and warm, the colour of British creamy butter. Great job, Boo….. your vision was perfect and I can’t wait til Aria sees it! Thanks for letting me help on this portion of the dream.

  2. LOVE it!! I can’t wait to see more 🙂 And I am totally trying those no sew curtains – they look fantastic!!

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